A very common problem the buyers of Massage Chair face is its cleanliness. As it can cause an electric shock if they use any chemical, they are in the ambiguous situation what to use to clean it. How to clean a massage chair and what are precautions for its cleanliness. That’s why I am writing this guide for such users.

If you observe your massage chair, you will find three kinds of material on it. One is leather covering; another one is its knit trim to help the chair move smooth and the third one is Synthetic Leather. You should clean both of the parts carefully with different things. Otherwise, it cannot last for a longer time, and you will lose its beauty and functionality within a few years.

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Leather / Synthetic Leather Cleaning

Both of the Leather and Synthetic Leather can be cleaned by using the following two methods. For more details about massage chairs available on market you should head over to 10 best massage chair reviews on the market (April. 2017).

General Cleaning – You should use a piece of cotton cloth because it is very soft and it can remove the dust particles present on the leather seat properly. A daily dusting can give the leather seat a shiny surface. Some people use newspapers or tissue papers to clean it. That is not good for it. Both of these things cannot make the seat neat and shiny. So, you should use a cotton cloth that is absorbent and cleans finely. Don’t try to rub the surface hardly. Do the dusting with a mild hand.

Deeper Cleaning – If you want to clean the surface deeply, you should use a solution of soap and water. Dip the cotton cloth into the solution. Press the fabric a bit and then put it on the spots and stains. If you rub it slowly, it will give you a clean surface within a few seconds. Now use only distilled water with a sponge to clean the soap from the seat. Take another piece of clean cloth and rub mildly on the surface to make it dry.

Cleaning of Knit Trim

If you are dusting the chair on a daily basis, it needs no deep cleaning. However, it may get some stains of milk, wine, coffee or other liqueurs. You need to use a sponge for its cleaning. Just put the sponge in lukewarm water and squeeze it. Now put it on the mild soap and put it to the stains. Give a gentle rubbing on the stains to make them vanished. Now use another sponge in the fresh water to clean the surface. Wipe the soap. Let it dry by keeping in the open air for some time. When you see the affected area is not wet, take a soft bristled brush. With mild hand, use the brush on the fabric to give it a nice look.

The only precaution I would like to give you is that you should never use a glass cleaner, hard soap or aerosol spray on the massage chair. It will damage the leather and its shiny surface. You should not use any liquids that could stain the seat. It is antibacterial. So, they can damage the polished surface.