AOC’s AGON series G-Sync support offers nice models for isteyenler. The AGON 241QG model at hand is a monitor that will meet expectations in this regard with a scan rate of 165 Hz. The design line and the monitor we like with the 24-inch panel can suggest 4K resolutions by offering 2K resolution. However, if you are looking for a 2K monitor, we are sure that you will be absolutely satisfied with the image.

  • NVIDIA G-Sync
  • 165 Hz refresh rate
  • Rotation options
  • design
  • DVI, no D-Sub
  • Narrow viewing angle

The price of AOC AGON 241QG is 2909 TL.

AGON 241QG is a monitor that must be closely examined by users looking for 2K resolution, 24 “screen and G-Sync support.

AOC AGON, an important monitor with a refresh rate of 165 Hz, offers other things to players. We examined!

We had a chance to look at a different model of AOC’s AGON family before. After the AG271QX, which offered a 27-inch screen and a refresh rate of 144Hz, this time, a different model with its smaller display reached our office. Another feature of this new monitor is that it has a 165 Hz refresh rate.

The appearance of the 241QG at hand is almost the same as the QX we have seen before. We liked the design of that model too much, so there is no problem at this point. The monitor’s powerful red and black design lines, customized back frame, fully enriched with a metallic stand will make you feel like you are at the design point.

Combining eye-catching design with powerful ergonomics, the AOC also offers options for adjusting the display on this monitor. So you can adjust the height of the screen up to 130 degrees, pass the pivot view, or tilt the screen forward or backward.

The headset hanger we saw on the other model is also here. You can hang your earphones here by lowering the bar on the right side of the screen.

165 Hz / G-Sync

    AOC AGON AG241QG Review                                                                   

AGON 241QG is a monitor that shows support for NVIDIA G-Sync. So if you have an NVIDIA display card, you can avoid image tearing in games with this monitor. The monitor, which also possesses the skill, such as the maximum refresh rate of 165 Hz and the response time of 1 ms, offers 160 degrees of viewing angles of 170 degrees. For this reason, we can say that there is a narrower view angle than IPS panels.

Providing a flicker-free screen display, the 241QG does not condemn you to an additional sound system. It has a built-in 2W built-in speaker, HDMI and Display Port. However, DVI or D-Sub inputs are not preferred. The USBs are located at the bottom and side of the screen.

High performance


In everyday use, you do not see a difference in the model you have compared to the 27-inch screen we’ve already seen. There’s no big difference between 144Hz and 165Hz. The difference between the games can be very careful eyes maybe understand. However, we can say that the display is very

successful for this monitor. Especially when we played CS: GO we saw it clearly. You notice the difference of G-Sync in such games. You get sharp, fast and smooth performance.

AGON 241QG’s 24-inch panel offers enough room for users to avoid larger screens. On the other hand, you have more space on your desk. Again, the monitor has a panel with a resolution of 2K. Apart from the resolution of the panel, the fact that the panel has matt material is also an important detail. Because on this account you can protect yourself from fire.



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