Best Mosquito Killer Reviews – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

To protect yourself from the mosquitoes there is a need to get mosquito killers. The old school methods of getting rid of mosquitoes are failing these days.

Today, the best way to manage and reduce the mosquitoes in your surroundings is to get mosquito killer machines. There are some mosquito killers in the market, which are working on different mechanisms to kill mosquitoes. Here, we are giving a review of the top rated mosquito killers available in the market and various online shopping websites.

Top 10 mosquito killer reviews

The positioning is ranking is as per the advantages of the components of every mosquito killer and the client reviews. We hope these reviews will be helpful to make a buying decision for your mosquito killer.

1Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer  [Winner] 

This mosquito killer is one a preferable mosquito killer in the market. Customers are glad about its results. It provides the best and the largest area coverage of ½ acre in comparison to the other mosquito killers in the market.

It works on an advanced electronic insect control mechanism. It has a non-clogging killing grid which provides instantaneous operation and uninterrupted service. It has a 15-watt ultraviolet non-toxic light which works on eliminating the mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

It might be a little expensive, but the previous users are quite satisfied with its results and performance. This mosquito killer is a safer option for outdoor use.

Another benefit of this equipment is the protective outer enclosure to prevent children, birds, pets and wildlife from getting in contact with the machine. The lantern shape is a unique design; no one can know if it’s a mosquito killer machine or a lantern shape decoration piece. Y

ou have to keep this machine at a distance of 25 feet from the human activity because it can catch anything from its surroundings due to its wide range.

  • It has the widest range to catch and kill mosquitoes.
  • It works on an advanced insect control mechanism.
  • It has a non-clogging grid.
  • It is best for outdoor use.
  • There is no other mosquito killer machine with better coverage than this one, so there is no way to resist it.


Q: Does it kill fireflies?

A: Yes, if the fireflies are in the range of the device, they will get killed.

Q: Why can this be device not used indoors?

A: The idea of the device is to work outdoors only. It needs hanging between the bushes where there are lots of mosquitoes and bugs. Moreover, there are no obvious places indoors to hang the device so it can work efficiently.

Q: Does this mosquito killer come with a cartridge?

A: Yes, a cartridge is included in the package.

2Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent

This mosquito killer machine by Cravegreens Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent repels pests forever. If there are unwanted insects and pests in your home, then this might be one of the best options for you.

This is a chemical free product which does not require any maintenance. It is also easy to use; all you have to do is plug in the device in an electric outlet at home, and you can get rid of all the insects and mosquitoes in your house. It works on the radius of 200-meter square.

This device works by ultrasonic technology. There is no sound of this device which is audible to the human ear, but these sounds are only for the insects. They get irritated from it and run away.

It does not acquire any extra space in your house. It does not interfere with the other appliances in the home. It is also user-friendly which means there is no fear of getting your kids exposed to it. There are no hazardous chemicals in the device which leads to an odorless mosquito killer.

  • There are no hazardous chemicals in this mosquito killer.
  • It is odorless.
  • It is inoffensive for kids.
  • It does not interfere with household appliances.
  • As it is preferable for indoor use, it works well; so there are no drawbacks.


Q: Will this device of any trouble to my pet?

A: No, it is an animal friendly mosquito killer.

Q: What is the voltage range of this mosquito killer?

A: The voltage ranges between 110v-220v.

Q: The instructions say that you need one unit per floor. Do I need to have separate units for different rooms as well?

A: Well, there is no need to get separate units for different rooms, but getting separate units for different floors is a wise idea.

3Aspectek Powerful Mosquito Killer

This mosquito killer is the best selling indoor device. It has a wire attached to the top of it to hang it on a wall or any other flat surface. This electronic killer has a protective cage to prevent all kinds of accidents and harm to pets and humans.

It works on the technology of powerful electronic grid. It has a removable tray which can be washed to clean out all the dead insects.

It is a preferable mosquito killer for all kinds of indoor use; such as; living room, bedroom, kitchen, café, restaurant, and hospitals.

The design of this device works on the lure flies, mosquitoes, and other irritable insects. It has two ultraviolet bulbs inside, which are designed to attract flying insects.

  • There is no requirement for
  • It has a simple easy to remove the tray to clean dead insects.
  • It has no chemicals in the mosquito killer.
  • It is preferable for kitchen use as well.
  • It can add to your electricity bill.


Q: Ultraviolet rays are harmful for eyes. So, the people around it won’t be harmed?

A: The ultraviolet rays work on the mosquitoes. So, there is no need to stare at it. on the other hand while cleaning the device, make sure you switch it off so it won’t damage or hurt  your eyes.

Q: Is it okay for use around animals?

A: Yes, it is animal friendly.

Q: Is there a grounded plug?

A: No, there is a usually plug like the one a desk lamp.

4Summit Mosquito dunk

Mosquito dunk by Summit is a larvae aid that kills the mosquito larvae. It means it kills the mosquito even before it is ready to fly and bite. These dunks are harmless to all other kinds of insects or pets.

If you use it for 24 hours, its effects stay for more than 30 days. You can have a peaceful sleep without the irritating buzzing of the mosquitoes.

It covers an area of 100 square feet which makes it a preferable choice for animal water troughs, rain barrels, ponds, hydroponic systems, and pools. You can place it wherever there is standing water or water can stand there.

Once you place the dunks nearby, it can kill all the expected mosquitoes before they can be of any harm to human life.

  • It is harmless to pets, and birds.
  • It has a range of 100 square feet.
  • Its effects last for more than 30 days.
  • It is only for outdoor use.
  • It works best near standing water.

5Burgess 1443 Propane Insect killer

This mosquito killer by Burgees works on the same effective system that is in use of other professional mosquito killers. It not only repels but also kills mosquitoes, and other irritable insects. It can cover an area of 5,000 square foot yard in less than 10 minutes.

Later, you are free to enjoy a bonfire with your friends and family as its effect says for more than 6 hours. It creates a fog, so it is better to avoid going in the area until the fog disappears. Usually, the fog disappears in less than five minutes which you will be good to go and enjoy an evening with fellows.

It is a portable device that is compatible with 14.1 oz. or 16.4 oz. You can also buy the short propane cylinders separately for bigger coverage. You must use this mosquito killer with a cutter, branded fogging insecticide or a black flag. All you have to do is to spray thoroughly in ground covers, shrubs, and areas where mosquitoes hide. It is better to spray at duck because at that time the mosquitoes come out from their hiding spots and can be targeted.

  • It is an easy to use the device.
  • It not only repels but also kills mosquitoes and other insects.
  • It is portable.
  • It is as effective as any other mosquito killer.
  • Its effect stays for just 6 hours, you will have to spray on a regular basis to get rid of mosquitoes for a long time.

6Thermacell Mosquito Repellent

This device is best for outdoor camping areas. There is no other device that can perform like this one. It provides 12-hour protection in an area of 15 feet.

It prevents all kinds of insects and mosquitoes, so you can have a wonderful time camping with your friends and family without having to worry about mosquito bites. It is a portable and lightweight device with a no-flame option.

It is compatible with all ThermaCELL refills and mats. The package includes a mosquito repellent device, mats, and a butane cartridge. You can carry this small device while you go fishing, gardening, and camping.

It is pocket-friendly so there is no need to worry about the weight. This device holds the approval by EPA for effectiveness and safety. It is also available in different colors as per your preference.

  • It is easy to carry.
  • It is a weightless
  • It comes with refills.
  • It is best for camping and other outdoor activities.
  • It is only preferable for outdoor activities.
  • It has a limited range.

7Aspectek 40W electronic mosquito killer

This mosquito killer is another creation of Aspectek. They specialize in electronic mosquito killer devices with a powerful 40-watt bulb which attracts mosquitoes and kills them before they can be of any harm.

It kills flies, mosquitoes, and other irritable insects right away. There are heavy metal grids in the device which prevent all kinds of insects from entering the premises.

It works best if you put it at the entrance of a room or house. With its wide range, it can catch all kinds if insects and prevent a number of diseases caused by insect bites.

This device comes with no chemicals and fumes which mean it will not bother people with any allergies. It is also an odorless mosquito killer.

  • It is an easy to use the device.
  • It has a range of 1 acre.
  • There are no chemicals in the device.
  • It is odorless mosquito killer.
  • It works best at the entrances.
  • It is only for indoor use.
  • You will have to change the metal grids after a year to retain efficiency.

8Electric LED bug killer

This electric mosquito killer looks like a tennis racket. It comes with built-in rechargeable batteries of 2400 volts. It is an effective tool to get rid of all kinds of insects.

It is safe to use when kids are around. It has two external protective layers to avoid any harm to humans and pets. It kills mosquitoes with a shock/ it does not leave any smudges, mess or a smear.

You can charge the device with an 110-volt charger plug. It is preferable for use both outdoor, and can easily carry it when you go camping or fishing with friends and family. The length of the device is 22 inches, with a long handle to carry it comfortably.

It is available in different colors in the market and many online shopping websites. You can choose your favorite color. There are a few precautions that come with this device, such as avoid touching it directly on the net part of the device to prevent shock.

Also, never wash the device with water; it can cause a short circuit and high current flow. It is a unique device which is effective for flies, mosquitoes, bees and gnats.

  • It is an easy to carry the device.
  • It is rechargeable.
  • It does not leave any mess or smudges.
  • It is preferable for both indoor and outdoor.
  • It can be dangerous when kids are around.
  • It can cause a short circuit on direct contact with human flesh.

9Dynatrap Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap

It is a travel size mosquito killer that kills mosquitoes indoors and outdoors. It attracts the unwanted insects and kills them using its ultra-light trap.

It provides a three-way protection against all kinds of insects. As it is an electric device, it is exempt of all kinds of odors, chemicals, and allergies. The UV fluorescent bulb generates warm light to attract the insects.

Insect-like warmth so they go near the device to look for heat. The exclusive titanium dioxide-coated surface in the device produces carbon dioxide which is irresistible to mosquitoes and other insects.

At the last step, the powerful and soundless vacuum sucks the insects in the cage leading to the dead of the insect due to dehydration. There is a twist to close feature in the device, which means that the insect cannot escape the cage even if it is alive inside. It is a preferable option for all kinds of locations.

  • It is a soundless device.
  • It is chemical free and odorless device.
  • It provides a three-way
  • It has a 300 square feet range.
  • It has a limited range until you buy an advanced model.
  • It requires a plugin.
  • It may add a little something to your electricity bill.

10Mosquito Magnet MM4200 Mosquito trap

The design of this mosquito killer is based on a silent trap. It emits a plume of carbon dioxide, moisture, and heat to attract mosquitoes.

It has a self-contained rigid net that secures human contact and eliminates the interaction with insects. It has an easy disposal technology. The technology of Patriot Plus is very effective to break down the breeding cycles of the mosquitoes.

It operates on 50 feet power cord and covers an area of one acre. It is best for homeowners. It is easy to use and easy to set up. According to the previous customers, its performance is reliable as soon as you learn to operate it in the right way.

It has four different models with advanced features; you are free to choose according to your budget.

  • It covers an area of 1 acre.
  • It is reliable.
  • It is an easy to use mosquito killer.
  • It has an easy disposal technology.
  • It can be difficult to set up.
  • There might be a little difference in the features according to the difference in models.

The above reviews have been helpful for a lot of people. The information used to rank these mosquito killers is taken from the customer reviews and personal experiences.

You get the most reliable information from the customer reviews as they can tell you about the performance and drawbacks of the device. It is evident from the reviews that the mosquito killers are a reliable source to get rid of the mosquitoes and protect you from all the infectious diseases caused by insect bites.

You can choose a mosquito killer according to your usage. If you are more worried about the mosquitoes in your lawn and camping areas, then you must choose a mosquito killer that works best in outdoor locations.

However, if you are worried about the mosquitoes indoors, then using a plug in device to kill them will be a wise decision.

In case you are easy on the budget, then going for a mosquito killer that works both indoors and outdoors is the best way to prevent yourself from all kinds of insect bites and irritable allergies on skin.

Insect repellents are the most important tools to prevent all kinds of insect-borne diseases and infections. These repellents prevent you from the painful and uncomfortable insect bites.

They are made from different kinds of chemical which work on the skin and keep insects away from you. In case, an insect bites you; you can also apply the insect repellent to avoid the after effects of the insect bite.

One of the most common insects which cause different kinds of infectious diseases is the mosquito.

A mosquito bite can lead to an endless number of diseases including, encephalitis, dengue fever, and malaria.

The adverse effects of mosquito bites have increased over the years because the infections have gotten strong and the tendency to fight against them in humans has decreased.

Infections are strong because the germ exposure has increased and the tendency to fight against these germs has also decreased because of the poor immunity levels in humans.

Let go of the old school methods to repel insects. They are not long lasting and do not cover a large area.

It is always better to use a mosquito killer so there is nothing to worry about any insect bites and harmful diseases that can be caused by them.

No matter how clean your surroundings are, mosquitoes always find a way to reach you. Relying on external resources is not a wise idea; however having your own mosquito killer is a sign of intelligence.