Best Yoga DVD Reviews – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

You cannot learn yoga on your own. It requires a lot of attention, peace of mind and the right poses to let the body relax and add to the strength of both your mind and body.

In this article, we are going to guide you about the best yoga DVDs on the market. These DVDs are made by some of the well-known yoga practitioners.

They have gathered their best in their DVDs, so people can get help from them and do yoga at home. Another purpose of these DVDs is that the people who cannot join yoga classes due to some problem at home or due to unavailability of a yoga center nearby, they can get all the guidance in a DVD and achieve their goals.

Top 10 Yoga DVD reviews

Here is a list of the top ten yoga DVDs available in the market. This review is based on the comments given by the customers and the benefits that come with the features of each DVD. We hope this review will help you find the most suitable yoga plan for yourself.

1Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

Jillian Michaels is a winning trainer on NBC (National Broadcasting Company). She introduces a unique yoga workout in this DVD. There is no comparison to the versatility that she has added to this yoga program.

This yoga DVD is a great combination of the hard-core yoga power poses and the dynamic training techniques by Jillian Michaels. This yoga program is one of the finest programs that you will find on the market. You will notice rapid meltdown in your weight.

This DVD program has two 30-minute workout sessions; with warm up and cool down sessions. You can start with level one workout which focuses on following yoga sequences to burn hard calories.

Later, you can jump up to level two, where you can learn twists and balance pose to speed up the calorie burning along with an increase in energy.

  • It is available in multiple formats.
  • It has two languages to chose from; English and Spanish.
  • It has uniqueness and versatility.
  • You can lose up to 5 pounds in just a week.
  • None.


Q: How effective is the weight loss?

A: The speed and effectiveness of weight loss depends on different body type, but the moves by the yoga instructor are designed to put pressure on major fatty points of the body.

Q: How long foes each workout last?

A: Each workout lasts for 30 minutes each.

Q: Do I need to work on my diet plan while doing yoga as well?

A: Yoga is a spiritual and physical exercise. It is not essential that you change your diet while you are doing yoga. A lot of people have reported a weight loss by making a part of their routine.

2Body Wisdom – yoga for beginners

According to the yoga journal, this yoga DVD is the most insightful and intelligent teacher for a beginner. It excites the users and encourages them to carry on a balanced and healthy journey of life

. It is one of the best ways to learn yoga, especially for the beginners. It helps you explore the benefits of yoga and experience the freshness and peace of mind and body.

This yoga program helps to build strength and increase flexibility in the body. It has eight routines, which means there is a wide variety of options to choose from.

You can improve your health and transform the way you look and feel about yourself. Barbara Benagh is a renowned yoga instructor who leads all the routines and takes you all the way to the road of health and fitness.

This DVD is filmed in Antigua, which is a beautiful beach and adds to the tranquility of the whole yoga experience.

  • There are eight different workouts in the program.
  • It contains a large amount of content.
  • It is a great inspiration for beginners.
  • It is available in English language only.


Q: Does it come with the right instructions?

A: A lot of people say that this DVD does not have the right instructions, but the first section of the DVD has a clear view of the right ways to focus on yoga. This will tell you the ways you can concentrate on your yoga for better results.

Q: How is it favorable for beginners?

A: The people who are new to yoga are not aware of the different focal points and techniques. This DVD elaborates all the focal points and yoga techniques for easy learning.

Q: Does this DVD guide the people who have had neck and back surgeries in some part of their life?

A: Yes, the instructor takes care of all the health issues and physical conditions of the users. The instructor is very thorough in explaining the techniques and tricks.

3Biggest Loser: Weight loss yoga

The biggest loser is one of the most hit shows on NBC. The good news is that you can get on with this program whenever you want and achieve groundbreaking results in just 6-8 weeks.

Bob Harper is the practitioner here, who starts the program lightly, to make yoga comfortable for overweight people. Bob increases the intensity of yoga exercise with the passage of time, so your body gets used to the stretching and flexes.

A lot of people say that they find it easier to understand the speech and helpful instruction. However, some say that a lot of poses and instructions are repetitive which makes it boring at some places.

  • It is easy to go with.
  • It starts slowly to make your body comfortable for all kinds of poses.
  • A few things are repeated and again which makes it boring at some places.
  • It is only available in the English.


Q: How does the intensity increase with different stages?

A: The intensity increases with each passing stage of this yoga DVD. The instructor takes the user step by step so things do not get difficult for them at all.

Q: How does it work for beginners?

A: It is a bit technical for beginners but there is nothing that is impossible.

Q: Some of the reviews say that the techniques are repetitive. Is it true?

A: Yes, some techniques are repetitive but they are only repeated for proper elaboration or adding efficiency to the outcomes of yoga.

4Body Wisdom essential yoga for inflexible people

This yoga DVD set is especially for the people who are inflexible and are unable to move their body at certain positions at all. It can be helpful for both beginners and experts.

The box has 3 DVDs which are all set to take the users to a new level of yoga and let them enjoy the benefits of adding yoga to their routine. It has 40 routines, so you will not find any difficulty finding one as per your requirements.

They focus on various mental and physical aspects of yoga. It works best for those who have inflexible bodies and are looking for a miracle to happen and help them lose weight and get peace of mind.

  • There are 40 routines to choose from.
  • There is a lot of modification in poses for inflexible people.
  • There are three DVDs; for stress relief, for beginners, and inflexible people.
  • It is not in HD.
  • It is only available in the English

5Rodney Yee’s yoga for beginners

The instructor of this yoga DVD is Rodney Yee who was a professional ballet dancer and later studies Iyengar yoga. He travels all around the world to teach ballet dance and yoga.

This DVD contains two full-length yoga workouts for the beginners. He demonstrates all the basic poses with detail and encourages the users to have a refreshing start to their day.

This program is filmed in Hawaii, which provides the users with extensive energy and sparkle. The yoga instructor also works on overcoming the common mistakes beginners make while learning yoga.

  • It is highly advisable for beginners.
  • It helps you overcome the yoga mistakes.
  • It is available in multiple formats.
  • It is only available in English.
  • It has only two yoga workout programs.

6Jessica Smith gentle yoga for balance

This DVD pack includes calming yoga practices that are easy to learn. It is a preferable choice for the beginners. Other than the beginners, anyone can follow this program to improve mobility, flexibility, and balance of their body.

There is also an option to create your menu by choosing from any four of the yoga sessions. You can work out as per the requirement of your body and schedule. Either you can follow all the four sessions, or follow anyone.

There is no need to have any previous yoga experience, which means this will work for you even if you are new to yoga. It includes easy stretches which anybody can learn. There are also a few chair modifications in the program.

  • You have the liberty to create your customizable video.
  • There are four yoga routines.
  • It offers gentle stretches to increase flexibility.
  • It has only four routines, while there are other programs that offer more than ten
  • It is only available in the English

7Power Yoga – Total body workout

This is another yoga program which is instructed by Rodney Yee. Rodney is a professional ballet dancer and learned yoga later on.

He teaches the users to build strength and stamina with his yoga poses and stretching. The aim of this DVD program is to enjoy your life with health and fitness. He guides the users through a challenging yoga sequence.

He supports the creation of detoxifying heat in the body which helps to build internal and external strength. It is a 75-minute video which offers continuous yoga practice without any divisions.

  • It helps to build stamina.
  • The aim of the program is to encourage fitness.
  • It is available in multiple formats to support different forums.
  • It is only available in the English
  • There are no sections in the video for different levels of learners.

8Body Wisdom Yoga for weight loss

This interactive and revolutionary DVD by Body Wisdom is by Maggie Rhoades. She is a certified yoga teacher who has trained with many seniors of her field.

This yoga DVD program provided the liberty to choose from 12 customized routines. The trainer encourages the users to burn their calories, get the right tone of the body, with stretching at different poses.

The practices introduced in the DVD will make you energetic, invigorated and de-stressed at the same time. The instructor will guide you through all the routines and encourage you to do better for your body.

Maggie says that the users will feel a lot younger and fresher if they make yoga an essential part of their routine.

  • The instructor is a well-known yoga practitioner.
  • There are 12 routines in the DVD program.
  • It is perfect for both beginners and seasoned students.
  • It is only available in the English
  • Some people say that it contains old poses and exercises in comparison to the other yoga programs in the market.

9Shiva Rea Daily Energy Flow Yoga

This yoga DVD program is a great inspiration for a lot of people. Previous users say that it enables them to restore their energy levels, provides them strength and encourages them to balance their day with their easy to go yoga practice.

The instructor of this yoga program is Shiva Rea, who is a global prana vinyasa teacher, an activist and an innovator in the yoga world. She is passionate about the yoga techniques and tries to bring innovation to her practices.

According to this yoga DVD, if you turn your exercise to your essential need for every day then you can do miracles with your health and mental fitness.

You can acquire balance, tranquility, and composure in your life. There are endless possibilities in this yoga practice with lots of transformation and versatility.

  • The instructor of this yoga program is a great innovator.
  • There are seven yoga practices.
  • There are a lot of transformations in yoga poses.
  • The transformation in yoga poses can be difficult for beginners.
  • It is only available in the English

10Body Wisdom Yoga for everybody

This yoga DVD session is somehow a revolution in yoga home videos. There are a lot of other options in the list which have better instructors, as J.J.Gortmley is an out of practice kind of instructor.

However, this DVD program offers more than 35 yoga routines, each of which focuses on maintaining the body fitness and intellectual quotient of an individual.

It helps you get into shape, increases your strength, become flexible and relieves all the stress. It allows the beginners and advanced level students to experience the serenity of yoga.

It expresses that yoga is a healing art and there is no way you can refrain from adding it to your routine.

  • It has over 35 yoga routines.
  • It encourages flexibility and relieving stress.
  • It is quite an old version of yoga.
  • It is only available in English.
  • As it is an old version, so you may not be able to find an HD print.
  • It is compatible with selected formats.

Yoga is a 10,000-year-old health activity. A lot of people perform yoga on a daily basis. It is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and fit. People who do yoga as a routine, they say that they feel younger and fresh with each passing day.

It is a conventional demonstration. Yoga is a union of an individual’s consciousness and soul with the consciousness of the world.

The yoga practitioners are the true example of discipline, focus, and unwavering concentration. They challenge their mind and body to achieve a higher state of mind. It is difficult for a lot of people to maintain their health through workouts.

They cannot make the time for hard exercise, and even they make it possible; effect of workout fade away sooner or later. There is no exercise program that is as enduring as yoga.

It does a lot more than just burning calories. Yoga is a combination of mind and body workout which includes various stretching poses along with deep breathing and relaxation. There are more than 100 different forms of yoga, which mean there is a lot to learn about it.

The best part about yoga is that you do not need to buy any instruments or tools to perform it. You can do it in front of your television or on your terrace. The only purpose of yoga is to relieve the stress of the mind and body and enable an individual to perform his routine activities in an efficient manner.

Yoga focuses on different points of your body, which need to relax and move at the same time to relieve pressure. Beginners need to learn the yoga is stretching and poses to find their comfort zone. Once you find your comfort zone, your body will start to respond to the activity very quickly.

Most of the yoga mentioned above DVDs ar filmed in peaceful places like beaches; this means that you need to have a peaceful surrounding to make it work. When the environment around you are relaxing, then the yoga will work speedier and enable you to refresh your mind, soul, and body.

Make sure you understand the importance of yoga and recognize its importance in your life. Once you will start working with any one of the above-mentioned yoga programs you will feel much lighter and energetic than before.