CarPlay-Compatible First Mazda, The 2018 Model Was The Mazda6

Four years later, Mazda finally offered Apple CarPlay support. First, the information systems of 2018 model Mazda6 vehicles in the US will receive this support.

CarPlay-Compatible First Mazda, The 2018 Model Was The Mazda6

CarPlay, which Apple has developed for a more streamlined and simple interface experience in-car information systems, has taken over more than 300 vehicles since 2014. Mazda had remained silent to this day. The first Mazda vehicle to receive CarPlay support has been announced.

CarPlay era in Mazda vehicles

The company has announced that the 2018 Mazda6 model will be the first CarPlay support vehicle reported. The car will also offer Android Auto support as well. Support will be offered as an upgrade option in summer.

The US option will be available on the 2018 model Mazda6 Touring and later versions. There will also be an update for vehicle owners who already purchase these versions.

Second, the 2019 model Mazda CX-9 will receive the CarPlay option in Canada. The option expected to be in summer again will be integrated into all other 2019 year models. It is planned to be added in the fall as an accessory to the Mazda Connect system.

The current 2018 does not have clear information on when other Mazda models and previous vehicles will support CarPlay. Initial preparations seem to be for the 2018 model Mazda6 and 2019 models for now.

Mazda launched CarPlay support in 2014 and began work. The company’s plan was to add CarPlay support to all Mazda Connect Mazda vehicles by adding hardware at the smallest level. He has not been able to do it until now.




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