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Top 5 Mobile Headsets to Give Away at Christmas 2017

Headphones on mobile phones are becoming a very important part of smartphones. The sound and devices that develop this technological field are taking an increasing role, and everyone knows that, both us users and companies. In the Android universe this progress is being noticed in a noticeable way, and you just have to see the brands themselves betting on a more powerful audio section, and for that we have examples of the HTC 10 or ZTE Axon 7, among others.

This breakthrough is also found in sound peripherals like headphones or external speakers, where brands like Xiaomi or Sony are the biggest exponents. Also touched on the physical aspect, since the iPhone 7 and soon the Samsung Galaxy S8 do not include the 3.5 mm jack for headphones, and everything points to that technology will be lost as that space gives manufacturers introduce a More powerful speaker or larger battery.

In addition, there are more and more situations in which people have the opportunity to listen to their favorite music, such as in the bus or subway, in the street walking, in the car if it is a long trip, to study or stay Asleep, or even while doing sports. As time goes by, more and more music is consumed during the day, so the increased demand for sound products becomes obvious.

That is why, at PingZic Andrew recommends you the best options for in-ear headphones under 50 dollars, as well as the recommendations we have made of the best terminals with the best camera, or the most complete terminals for less than 300 euros, to make the Christmas gift unsurpassed. It is worth remembering that most of the devices that we are going to list work through Bluetooth connection, without cables of means, since we think it is the most comfortable and there will be no problems in case the 3.5 mm jack disappears.

The best headphones you could choose for your phone:

SoundPEATS Sports Headphones

SoundPEATS Sports Headphones

We started with the most economic and sporting device, such as these SoundPEATS that work with Bluetooth 4.1 and with quality stereo sound, with noise cancellation and APTX technology, which allows the transmission of audio without losing quality. In its cable has a fairly complete control to increase and decrease the volume, in addition to accepting calls, but despite all that alone weighs 15 grams.

Xiaomi Hybrid

Xiaomi Hybrid

These headphones could not be missing from this list, they are a classic. Very premium design of metallic body and Kevlar cable, with which you will not have problems if you bend them too much and it is very resistant. As for the audio, as its name indicates, are hybrid headphones with two conductors bidirectional and a technology similar to noise cancellation but not to become as such, but isolates us from outside noise in an extraordinary way. In short, it clearly wins direct rivals like the Xiaomi Pistons 3, thanks also to a greater sensitivity that makes listening to more nuances of audio.

Sony MDR-XB450AP

Sony MDR-XB450AP

We went from in-ear headphones to headband headphones. We started with this device of Sony that we could say that is the basic product in this segment, with a price quite economic and with more than decent performances. It has a wide frequency and an Xtra Bass technology for a sharp and some pretty sharp bass, and however much you put the maximum volume will never distort, checked by a server.

Pioneer SE-MJ561BT-S

Pioneer SE-MJ561BT-S

This device can also describe it knowingly, and I have done is the device that I am using right now for every time I have the opportunity to listen to music, especially on the bus. I can say without fear of being wrong that they are the best I have had in every way. A top design that I have seen that offer excellent comfort, thanks also to the polyurethane pads with leather finish for greater insulation. With Bluetooth 4.0, the connectivity is amazing, with a range of up to 10 meters and a frequency of 2.4 GHz, something that harms a bit in interference since most electronic products work with the same frequency.

As for the audio, they are a dynamic headphones closed with omnidirectional conduits in the microphone and with a wide frequency response that goes from the 9 to the 22000 Hz. The final sensation is that they are helmets of the best thing of the market, that offers the Most of the nuances that gives an audio and that has both a sharp and a very pronounced bass.

And without neglecting the noise cancellation, which is exquisite, since when I place the device I do not hear just the noise from the outside and even less when I have the volume very high. No doubt they are very complete headphones and you will not disappoint in the Christmas gift.



As we always say, there may be better, but we believe that with this device at this price is a gift more than excellent for Christmas. Very premium design and high quality (as expected) and pads that take up the entire ear for comfort and sound. As for the audio, it has noise cancellation for excellent surround sound, 12 Hi-Fi 96 decibels and 2.4 GHz frequency; In addition to supporting several profiles such as A2DP, AVRCP or HSP with a range of 25 hours to play music, and with an audio sensitivity of 112 decibels, we are before a brown beast in the headphones section.


How to Clean a Massage Chair

A very common problem the buyers of Massage Chair face is its cleanliness. As it can cause an electric shock if they use any chemical, they are in the ambiguous situation what to use to clean it. How to clean a massage chair and what are precautions for its cleanliness. That’s why I am writing this guide for such users.

If you observe your massage chair, you will find three kinds of material on it. One is leather covering; another one is its knit trim to help the chair move smooth and the third one is Synthetic Leather. You should clean both of the parts carefully with different things. Otherwise, it cannot last for a longer time, and you will lose its beauty and functionality within a few years. - FDA Massage Chair Review Picture

Image credit: – A popular website for massage chair reviews.

Leather / Synthetic Leather Cleaning

Both of the Leather and Synthetic Leather can be cleaned by using the following two methods. For more details about massage chairs available on market you should head over to 10 best massage chair reviews on the market (April. 2017).

General Cleaning – You should use a piece of cotton cloth because it is very soft and it can remove the dust particles present on the leather seat properly. A daily dusting can give the leather seat a shiny surface. Some people use newspapers or tissue papers to clean it. That is not good for it. Both of these things cannot make the seat neat and shiny. So, you should use a cotton cloth that is absorbent and cleans finely. Don’t try to rub the surface hardly. Do the dusting with a mild hand.

Deeper Cleaning – If you want to clean the surface deeply, you should use a solution of soap and water. Dip the cotton cloth into the solution. Press the fabric a bit and then put it on the spots and stains. If you rub it slowly, it will give you a clean surface within a few seconds. Now use only distilled water with a sponge to clean the soap from the seat. Take another piece of clean cloth and rub mildly on the surface to make it dry.

Cleaning of Knit Trim

If you are dusting the chair on a daily basis, it needs no deep cleaning. However, it may get some stains of milk, wine, coffee or other liqueurs. You need to use a sponge for its cleaning. Just put the sponge in lukewarm water and squeeze it. Now put it on the mild soap and put it to the stains. Give a gentle rubbing on the stains to make them vanished. Now use another sponge in the fresh water to clean the surface. Wipe the soap. Let it dry by keeping in the open air for some time. When you see the affected area is not wet, take a soft bristled brush. With mild hand, use the brush on the fabric to give it a nice look.

The only precaution I would like to give you is that you should never use a glass cleaner, hard soap or aerosol spray on the massage chair. It will damage the leather and its shiny surface. You should not use any liquids that could stain the seat. It is antibacterial. So, they can damage the polished surface.

WordPress Adsense Deluxe Vulnerability

David Kierznowski of Operation n has discovered some serious flaws in the WordPress Adsense Deluxe plugin as part of the WordPress Angel Project. The vulnerability(s) affect all versions.

This vulnerability reminds me of the the old Hacker movies, where a worm is released that steals random pennys from unsuspecting victims. This vulnerability is the closest I have seen to this scenario.

The vendor has been notified, and more information regarding the vulnerability will be released after 30 days or until such a time as the author feels that WordPress users have had a chance to upgrade.

Unfortunately, the developer has not gotten back to me, and as many blogs use this plugin as a source of income, I have gone ahead and made the necessary changes myself as a temporary solution. Please note this is an unofficial release. Hopefully the vendor will verify the changes and make an official release shortly.

As with any plugin, please make sure you have made a backup before downloading and installing this.


The vendor was notified: 18/05/07
Response received: None as yet
Fix received: Temporary fix released as part of the WordPress Angel Project.


WordPress 2.1.3 Akismet Vulnerability

Alert by

David Kierznowski of Operation n has discovered a serious flaw in the Akismet anti-spam plugin that comes by default with the latest version of WordPress (2.1.3).

It has not been confirmed as yet, but I believe this will affect all versions of the plugin. The vendor has been notified, and more information regarding the vulnerability will be released when a suitable fix has been released.

I know its painful, but its recommended that you disable the Akismet plugin immediately.

The vendor was notified: 14/05/07
Response received: 14/05/07
Fix received: 14/05/07

The Akismet v2.0.2 Download upgrade has been made to address these issues and may be downloaded here.

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