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Top 5 Mobile Headsets to Give Away at Christmas 2017

Headphones on mobile phones are becoming a very important part of smartphones. The sound and devices that develop this technological field are taking an increasing role, and everyone knows that, both us users and companies. In the Android universe this progress is being noticed in a noticeable way, and you just have to see the brands themselves betting on a more powerful audio section, and for that we have examples of the HTC 10 or ZTE Axon 7, among others.

This breakthrough is also found in sound peripherals like headphones or external speakers, where brands like Xiaomi or Sony are the biggest exponents. Also touched on the physical aspect, since the iPhone 7 and soon the Samsung Galaxy S8 do not include the 3.5 mm jack for headphones, and everything points to that technology will be lost as that space gives manufacturers introduce a More powerful speaker or larger battery.

In addition, there are more and more situations in which people have the opportunity to listen to their favorite music, such as in the bus or subway, in the street walking, in the car if it is a long trip, to study or stay Asleep, or even while doing sports. As time goes by, more and more music is consumed during the day, so the increased demand for sound products becomes obvious.

That is why, at PingZic Andrew recommends you the best options for in-ear headphones under 50 dollars, as well as the recommendations we have made of the best terminals with the best camera, or the most complete terminals for less than 300 euros, to make the Christmas gift unsurpassed. It is worth remembering that most of the devices that we are going to list work through Bluetooth connection, without cables of means, since we think it is the most comfortable and there will be no problems in case the 3.5 mm jack disappears.

The best headphones you could choose for your phone:

SoundPEATS Sports Headphones

SoundPEATS Sports Headphones

We started with the most economic and sporting device, such as these SoundPEATS that work with Bluetooth 4.1 and with quality stereo sound, with noise cancellation and APTX technology, which allows the transmission of audio without losing quality. In its cable has a fairly complete control to increase and decrease the volume, in addition to accepting calls, but despite all that alone weighs 15 grams.

Xiaomi Hybrid

Xiaomi Hybrid

These headphones could not be missing from this list, they are a classic. Very premium design of metallic body and Kevlar cable, with which you will not have problems if you bend them too much and it is very resistant. As for the audio, as its name indicates, are hybrid headphones with two conductors bidirectional and a technology similar to noise cancellation but not to become as such, but isolates us from outside noise in an extraordinary way. In short, it clearly wins direct rivals like the Xiaomi Pistons 3, thanks also to a greater sensitivity that makes listening to more nuances of audio.

Sony MDR-XB450AP

Sony MDR-XB450AP

We went from in-ear headphones to headband headphones. We started with this device of Sony that we could say that is the basic product in this segment, with a price quite economic and with more than decent performances. It has a wide frequency and an Xtra Bass technology for a sharp and some pretty sharp bass, and however much you put the maximum volume will never distort, checked by a server.

Pioneer SE-MJ561BT-S

Pioneer SE-MJ561BT-S

This device can also describe it knowingly, and I have done is the device that I am using right now for every time I have the opportunity to listen to music, especially on the bus. I can say without fear of being wrong that they are the best I have had in every way. A top design that I have seen that offer excellent comfort, thanks also to the polyurethane pads with leather finish for greater insulation. With Bluetooth 4.0, the connectivity is amazing, with a range of up to 10 meters and a frequency of 2.4 GHz, something that harms a bit in interference since most electronic products work with the same frequency.

As for the audio, they are a dynamic headphones closed with omnidirectional conduits in the microphone and with a wide frequency response that goes from the 9 to the 22000 Hz. The final sensation is that they are helmets of the best thing of the market, that offers the Most of the nuances that gives an audio and that has both a sharp and a very pronounced bass.

And without neglecting the noise cancellation, which is exquisite, since when I place the device I do not hear just the noise from the outside and even less when I have the volume very high. No doubt they are very complete headphones and you will not disappoint in the Christmas gift.



As we always say, there may be better, but we believe that with this device at this price is a gift more than excellent for Christmas. Very premium design and high quality (as expected) and pads that take up the entire ear for comfort and sound. As for the audio, it has noise cancellation for excellent surround sound, 12 Hi-Fi 96 decibels and 2.4 GHz frequency; In addition to supporting several profiles such as A2DP, AVRCP or HSP with a range of 25 hours to play music, and with an audio sensitivity of 112 decibels, we are before a brown beast in the headphones section.


How to make an iPhone Case at Home? [Guide + Video Tutorial]

Everyone is very caring for the safety of his iPhone and no doubt you will be too one of them if you use an iPhone. You won’t like to get scratches on its back and would prefer to protect it with a custom casing or skin. It can be bought from the market, but in my case, I never like buying a skin for my iPhone from the market. I would prefer to make it at home with my choice of colors, material and design because when I visited the market to get a cover for my iPhone, I found some covers too glossy with the colors I never like. Whereas some were good in material, but they were in matte and dull colors that were never my favorite. So, what to do the next is just to create my iPhone casing at home. The below listed things are must to create an iPhone case, if you don’t have, then avoid this guide and buy one from any trusted cell phone accessories shop, I personally buy and recommend if you’re looking for affordable accessories, otherwise you can order them on famous Online shopping site.. If you want to join me, you require some very ordinary things for this purpose to collect appreciation from your friends.

Required Items

  • Foam Sheet (It should be in matte, and I would prefer in dull yellow color as it is my favorite)
  • Glitter Foam Sheet (It is used to give a glossy look or design to the casing. If you want a casing in matte only, you can select another matte sheet in a bit different color, but it should be in darker color)
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • X-Acto knife (If that is not available, you can buy a sharp paper cutter)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (If you buy Super glue, it works the best instead of an ordinary glue. So, ask for super glue)
  • Velcro
  • Markers (In two different colors)


  • Take the flat colored matte foam sheet and use ruler and pencil to draw two lines each in 1 cm width.
  • Now use scissors to cut the strips. These strips will cover the four sides of your iPhone.
  • Paste some glue to the edges of the strips and join them to make one long strip.
  • Start putting the long strip to the four sides of your iPhone. Mark the place where is the “Off/On” button and the “Volume” key. You need to cut the area with X-Acto cutter.
  • Now take cardboard. Put your iPhone on it to trace its shape from the front and the rear side with 2 cm distance between them. (It is because when you open or close the casing after attending a call on your iPhone, it should be flexible enough to work accordingly)
  • Mark the places where the camera exists and cut that in squares. Cut the shapes of front and rear you have traced on cardboard.
  • Now you have front and rear sides of your iPhone in cardboard. Paste these sides on the glittering foam sheet you selected earlier.
  • Don’t forget to mark and cut the holes for camera and flashlight on the glittering sheet.
  • Now put some glue on the edges of the shapes of front and rear for your iPhone and put your phone between them.
  • The ring on the width of your phone you created with the matte foam sheet will fit the front and back covers. Press the sheet on all sides so that it sticks on every inch.
  • Keep it aside. Now you should draw some attractive shapes like stars, the flag of your country, your favorite fruit, bird or animal on the matte foam sheet with a marker. Cut these shapes and paste them with the help of glue to the rear and front covers on glittering foam sheet.
  • Take about 4 inches long and half 1-inch wide piece of the glittering foam sheet and paste at the mid of bottom side of the casing
  • Now put some glue on both sides of Velcro and stick it on the mid of the front side of the casing and join the 4 inches long piece you pasted on the back side of the casing. Now it is easy for you to open and close the casing.

Video Guide:

That’s all guys! Your creation is ready to collect the appreciation of the people.

Web Backdoor Compilation

Web Backdoor Compilation (wbc)
DK (


Date Change
24 Apr 07 Anti-Virus Capabilities (Work done by Dancho Danchev)
14 Apr 07 Version 1b (pre 1.2 release):
Dec/06 Version 1 release.

I have collected some WEB backdoors in the past to exploit vulnerable file upload facilities
and others. I think a library like this may be useful in a variety of situations.

Understanding how these backdoors work can help security administrators
implement firewalling and security policies to mitigate obvious attacks.

The package includes:

Filename Contributer Anti-Virus Detection MD5 Risk
cmd-asp-5.1.asp Brett Moore Webwasher-Gateway 6.0.1/20070419 8baa99666bf3734c
cmdasp.asp Maceo Authentium 4.93.8 04.14.2007
Avast 4.7.981.0 04.16.2007
BitDefender 7.2 04.16.2007
ClamAV devel-20070312 04.16.2007
DrWeb 4.33 04.16.2007
Ewido 4.0 04.16.2007
F-Prot 04.13.2007
F-Secure 6.70.13030.0 04.16.2007
Kaspersky 04.16.2007
Microsoft 1.2405 04.16.2007
Symantec 10 04.16.2007
VBA32 3.11.3 04.14.2007
Webwasher-Gateway 6.0.1 04.16.2007
cmdasp.aspx Dominic Chell None 5e83b6ed422399de
cmdjsp.jsp Unknown None b815611cc39f17f05a
jsp-reverse.jsp Tan Chew Keong None 8b0e6779f25a17f0
php-backdoor.php z0mbie AhnLab-V3 2007.4.19.1/20070419
Authentium 4.93.8/20070418
BitDefender 7.2/20070419
F-Secure 6.70.13030.0/20070419
Ikarus T3.1.1.5/20070419
McAfee 5013/20070419
Microsoft 1.2405/20070419
NOD32v2 2205/20070419
Norman 5.80.02/20070419
VBA32 3.11.3/20070419
Webwasher-Gateway 6.0.1/20070419
AVG Free 8.0.233
simple-backdoor.php David Kierznowski None f091d1b9274c881f
perlcmd.cgi David Kierznowski None 97ae7222d7f13e90
cfexec.cfm Kurt Grutzmacher None bd04f47283c53ca0

Note: readme.txt is also included in this package but not listed here.

If you have contributions please let me know so that I can add them into a later

Download here.


Projects of Michael Daw.

WordPress Securify Plugin

WordPress Securify (WPSec) is a security plugin for WordPress. Every hour the tests specified within WPSec will be executed. A count of “warnings” is displayed in the top right of the WordPress Admin panel.

WordPress Securify ShellScript

This project has been split into two parts. The first was a chunky shell script that uses security through obscurity approach. The second project is the WordPress Securify plugin; this plugin is closer to a WordPress Security Audit tool. I have completed version 1.0 but am still sorting out some bugs – let me know if you want to give it a try.

HTTP Proxy Scanner

Simple HTTP proxy scanner to check for “usable” proxies. Written in C; requires libcurl.

Web Backdoor Compilation

A collection of web backdoors.

SQL Injection Cheat Sheet

Currently supports generic authentication bypass Vulnerabilities, MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Postgress and Sybase.

JavaScript Network Mapper (v1.0)

A JavaScript Network Mapper which supports, WebPing, WebScript and WebImage scanning techniques.

JavaScript WebPing

Uses iframes to ping networks.

ASP Auditor

This tool is based on H D Moore’s Dot Net Application Scanner.

Awakening the Sleeping Giant

This paper is an initial attempt to categorise and track XSS in general. Haven’t dont much work on this.

ASP Auditor v2 BETA

ASP auditor v2 BETA

purpose: Look for common misconfigurations and information leaks in
ASP.NET applications.

# Changelog:
# --v2.2-- 20/Apr/07
# * Added additional support for Anti-XSS Validation detection.
# * Added ASP Source Directory Leak Check
# * Added Apr/07 ASP.NET Validation Bypass Check
# --v2.1-- 25/Sep/06
# * GET /Trace.axd often leaks ASP.NET version when other methods fail.
# * Fixed "?" bug in JavaScript Validate test
# * Added Version into usage()
# --v2.0-- 16/Sep/06
# * Version plugin allowing specific ASP.NET versioning.
# * Version brute force capabilities using JavaScript validate
# directories.
# * Check if global ASP.NET validate is being used.
# * Added brute force function and option in usage()

This tool is based on H D Moore’s Dot Net Application Scanner
Author: H D Moore <>

HDM thanks for the feedback.

$ ./

Usage:   ./ [http://target/app/file.aspx] (opts)

            -bf brute force ASP.NET version using JS Validate

--example 1
$ ./ http://www.*hidden*/index.aspx
[*] Sending initial probe request...
[*] Sending path discovery request...
[*] Sending ASP.NET validate discovery request...
[*] Sending application trace request...
[*] Sending null remoter service request...

[ .NET Configuration Analysis ]

  Server   -> Microsoft-IIS/6.0
  Application   -> /
  FilePath   -> D:\VirtualServers\*hidden*
  ADNVersion   -> 1.1.4322.2300

  matches -> 1.1.4322.2300 Version 1.1 Post-SP1 (Windows Server 2003 SP1)  Mar 2005

--example 2
$ ./ http://www.*hidden*/index.aspx -bf
[*] Sending initial probe request...
[*] Sending path discovery request...
[*] Sending ASP.NET validate discovery request...
[*] Sending application trace request...
[*] Sending null remoter service request...

[ .NET Configuration Analysis ]

    Server  -> Microsoft-IIS/6.0
    AppTrace  -> LocalOnly
    Application  -> /
    FilePath  -> D:\inetpub\*hidden*
    ADNVersion  -> 1.1.4322.2300

    matches -> 1.1.4322.2300 Version 1.1 Post-SP1 (Windows Server 2003 SP1)  Mar 2005

[*] Sending brute force discovery requests...
        Found -> /aspnet_client/system_web/1_1_4322

The tool can be downloaded here:


For More Information Go to Michael Daw.

Download Here


For More Information Go to Michael Daw.

Download Here

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