Fortnite for Android: Brilliant trick brings the hype game to your smartphone

Fortnite for Android: Brilliant trick brings the hype game to your smartphone

Fortnite for Android is slow in coming. But right now you can also enjoy Fortnite Battle Royale on your Android smartphone or tablet. You can even use a controller for more precise control. Steam Link can stream the game from your PC to your phone. How it works, you will learn now.

In the video you can see the whole thing in practice.

Play any PC game on a smartphone, a dream come true. Game fans who idolize Steam anyway, play their favorite games on the couch, on the loo or in bed. Of course, for a good streaming experience the hardware has to play as well.

LAN cable, strong PC and smartphone and a 5 GHz connection to the router are the basic requirements. Of course, a smartphone-compatible Bluetooth controller may not be missing.

Fortnite on Android: That’s how it works

Here’s how it works: Download the free Steam Link app on your mobile.

So far, the application is only available for Android, but iOS will follow soon. Start Steam on your computer and make sure the devices are on the same network. If the firewall settings on the PC are set correctly, the computer for selection is displayed directly to you.

Confirm the connection via the displayed PIN and Steam will directly check the quality of the transmission.

For a nice experience, the Big Picture mode is also changed, in which all buttons are extra large.

Play every game on your smartphone: even foreign games are supported

If you did not download your game on Steam, you must first add it as a non-Steam game using the button at the bottom left and then find it in your library. From there you can also start it directly from your smartphone.

For the operation to work without any problems, the game must have controller support on board.

Unfortunately, despite heavy hardware and good connectivity, the transmission is not always bug-free, and for action-packed games, the small delay in the transfer is anything but helpful. But the quality is surprisingly good and the picture looks nice. But for a better performance you can reduce the quality.

Download and install Fortnite apk from here.