Galax GeForce GT 1030 EXOC Extreme Review

As a result, the GT 1030 is a graphics card that you can see as a good alternative to the integrated graphics processor, as we have said throughout the review. By offering the latest technology at an affordable price, those who want to get to the top of the integrated graphics can be satisfied with peace of mind.

  • Integrated graphics processor good update
  • Cheap
  • 4K image
  • Quiet & cool
  • Compact structure
  • HDMI 2.0b support
  • Over speeding
  • Not suitable for every MOBA

Let’s recall the Galax GeForce GT 1030 price: Now you can find this card on the market at around 300 TL.

The GALAX GeForce GT 1030 is suitable for those who want to get better performance from the integrated graphics processor, office software, Photoshop and Premier, and MOBA games.

Is the GALAX GeForce GTX 1030 EXOC Extreme graphics card enough for gamers? We tested!

The GT 1030, the smallest entry-level member of NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture, has been hosted by our test system after the parents of the Pascal family that we reviewed earlier. Of course, the card in your hand is not a card that is recommended to players directly. The GT 1030, which is mostly dealing with office software, running graphics programs but can be recommended for non-gamers as well, is a good update for the integrated graphics processor. So let me tell you, if you have GT 750Ti or 950 graphics card models, switching to this graphics card will not make much sense for you. Ha, if you want to make a good update with the cheap price of the integrated graphics processor, then the GT 1030 will be for you.

For the GT 1030 in NVIDIA’s 14nm-architecture Pascal family, we can call it the cheapest card that offers up-to-date technology. The GT 1030, now available on the market under different brands with prices of around TL 300, has reached us with the comment of the Galax brand. Let’s take a closer look at the card with a slight overclocking compared to the reference design.

Cheap fiya current technology     

Galax GeForce GT 1030 EXOC Extreme Review                        

Galax GeForce GT 1030 is a card in very small sizes. The card occupies a single slot with a compact size, looks white with its white body and the tiny fan on it, and this image reminds us of old AGP cards.

The card, which does not have any power input on it, has HDMI and DVI ports among its connections. The HDMI port here is 2.0b standard. So you can get the image in 4K resolution.

As soon as we mention the card’s technical infrastructure, we can begin with the 384 CUDA core in the GT 1030. The card, which offers a standard clock speed of 1252 MHz, has an increased clock speed of 1506 MHz. The card uses GDDR5 memories with a capacity of 2 GB and provides a 64-bit memory interface width. The GT 1030 also offers 3000 MHz with memory clock speed. The recommended power supply for the card is 300 watts, while the card’s thermal dissipation is shown as 30 watts.

Providing Vulkan API support is an important advantage. OpenGL and DirectX 12 support are also available on the GT 1030. However if you are looking for VR, Ansel and G-Sync support you will not find them on this card, of course. Let’s say that it supports GeForce Experience.


Galax GeForce GT 1030 EXOC Extreme Review

Like we said, the GT 1030 is a card that will be preferred for office programs, graphics software, and lightweight games, rather than top shirt games. At this point, the card that can provide higher performance in Photoshop than the integrated graphics processor in the Premier is aimed at the predecessor architects, not Intel’s next-generation Kaby Lake platform, of course. If you’ve got a full-fledged system of Kaby Lake infrastructure, you’ve already got a video card for it. The goal of this card is to add power to the old system and make more use of the low-budget system.

If you want, I will now go through the test results and watch how the Galaxy GeForce GT 1030 performs both in Benchmark and in-game tests. Unigine Heaven Bencmark and Valley Benchmark in the tests we do We set the graphics settings to High in this point. Of course, we do not follow the DOOM, HITMAN and GTA V scenarios again in the in-game tests. Because the GT 1030 is more susceptible to MOBA games. That’s why we also tested Player Unknown’s BattleGround, Zula, Metin2 and League of Legends. Now let’s look at the results, then go to the evaluation.


The Galaxy GeForce GT 1030, as you can see on the video, produces a result of 60 FPS, especially in derivative games like Zula, Metin2 and League of Legends. In this sense, if you play such games, you will see your work very much. On the other hand, Player Unknown’s BattleGround performance is unfortunately not lukewarm. As you know, this game has a lot of rich details. When we keep the graphics details in the middle, the 25-30 FPS show us the difference of the GT 1030, however the game we are able to play is still in the level that can be played compared to the integrated graphics processor.

If you want to play a little bit better in this game, and if you want to take part in games such as HITMAN, DOOM, CS: GO, then we suggest you go to 1050Ti level. Here again you can get 1050Ti models of Galax and Zotac brands. If you remember, we’ve already examined both cards.



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