Link Abbreviation Service Is Shutting Down, one of the best-known Link abbreviation services, is closing with a surprise decision. Instead, it is a Firebase-based system for developers. Link Abbreviation Service Is Shutting Down

In a time when Link abbreviation services are becoming very popular,, the link abbreviation service that Google has put into service, comes to an end. Instead, a developer-focused link service was offered.

When is closing?

In 2009, the abbreviation service, which was available for use, provided a detailed link tracking, especially thanks to the Google Analytics integration. Anyone with a Google account could access the abbreviation list from their own admin panel.

The service will not allow you to create a new abbreviation from April 13th. Users will be able to follow their existing links via the console until March 31, 2019. From this date the console will also close, but the links will continue to work.

Google is launching a dynamic link service focused on Firebase instead of the old service. This service is a bit more developer-focused because it needs to be a FireBase account and is mobile-centric.



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