HyperX Savage SSD 480 GB Review

The HyperX Savage SSD can be preferred by users who are awaiting high performance and require storage capacity to require an additional hard drive. The price of the 480 GB Savage SSD is around 847 TL.

  • Performance
  • Metallic body
  • Phison S10 controller
  • Warranty period

Kimler Alm

The HyperX Savage SSD can be preferred by users and gamers who want to be in the SSD version of the system.

480 GB sample Savage SSD from HyperX for SSD requests!

A desktop computer or notebook does not matter, an SSD is a must if you want performance. Even though the eyes are gradually shifting towards the M2, there is no right to complain to those who do not have a SSD in the system. Yes, prices are still expensive compared to hard drives, but for high performance it’s time to put up with it.

You can solve the SSD issue in divided, hybrid ways, or you can choose smaller storage capacities for the main unit. Well, if your budget allows, larger capacity solutions will please you in terms of performance + capacity, precisely. At this point, the HyperX Savage SSD is now available.


HyperX Savage SSD 480 GB Review

Savage SSD has different capacity options. We have already examined the 240 GB model. This time the 480 GB model has been eliminated. But there is also the option of offering a huge space of 960 GB in the family. Thus, you can combine high performance with wide space.

The medieval member of the family, which is at our disposal, draws attention with its red and black metallic look. The 7-mm thick SSD is weaker than the box we used before. When you look at this diskin 240 GB model, we see that there are different expansion options out of the box. So you can use it as a removable disk, just like you can use it in a case. In the Savage SSD, however, we only see the additional frame out of the box. Of course, the necessary screws are not forgotten.


HyperX Savage SSD 480 GB Review

The Savage SSD has a 4-core, 8-channel Phison S10 controller. The SATA 3.0 interface uses backward compatibility with SATA 2.0. Kingston’s claim is the same for this disc as it was in the previous disc. Reading at 560 MB / s, writing at 530 MB / s … At the capacity of 240 GB we have seen 520 MB / s / 510 MB / s results in our previous tests. This time we put the 480 GB model into our test system and evaluated the results.

The 4.00 GHz Intel Core i7-6700k processor, DDR4 RAM, 32 GB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 slı’l When we plugged the HP Omen X test our system, crysyaldiskmark 16 GB scenarios in good deeds remove Savage SSD, 550 MB / s sequential read performance mark, sequential write and 535 MB / s. In this sense, we can say that diskin performance is quite satisfactory.

PCMark Vantage, which collects 84 thousand points, again in the 4K read / write scenarios can receive 92 to 89 IOPS scores. Add to those that comes with a diskin 3-year warranty, obviously we can say that he deserves his money.



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