Intermediate Google Pixel Claims

Wanting to bring the Pixel series smartphones to a wider audience, Google is working on a mid-level Pixel phone that will break up on the hardware side.

Intermediate Google Pixel Claims

Instead of the Nexus program, the Pixel device program, which weighs more heavily, has always tried to keep Google high. That’s why Google Pixel has always been at the flagship level. Now the conditions are changing.

Intermediate hardware

According to industry sources, Google is working on a mid-level Pixel phone for emerging markets. Since it is medium level, many hardware will come as cropped. With pricing, Google will be able to appeal to a larger consumer base.

The mid-range Google Pixel phone will first appear on the market in India in July or August. The reason Google chooses India is the great interest in this country in the country. Previously, the Nexus smartphone had a significant market share.

Google also aims to expand its presence in the country further through its distributor Redington. New sales outlets and special promotional areas in retail stores are among these plans. Google Home, Google Wifi and Pixelbook sales will also start soon.