Microsoft Wireless Mobile 1850 Review

The Microsoft Wireless Mobile 1850 is very handy. The mouse, which will disappear in the compact with its compact structure, easily meets the need. If you need this type of mouse, you can buy it without hesitation. The price of the Wireless Mobile 1850 is around £ 50. You can also choose with reasonable prices.

  • Performance
  • Compact structure
  • Both hands are convenient
  • Nano USB slot
  • Long battery life
  • Cheap


Especially those looking for a wireless and compact mouse will be more than satisfied with the Microsoft Wireless Mobile 1850. Affordable at any budget.

Microsoft’s new wireless mouse, Wireless Mobile 1850 review.

Recently, Microsoft’s new wireless mouse, Wireless Mobile 1850, was introduced. Noteworthy for its compact dimensions and numerous color options, the Wireless Mobile 1850 was soon overshadowed. In this review, we will take a close look at this new version of Microsoft.

First of all, if we start with the design, we can say that the Wireless Mobile 1850 is a color device. At the same time we have different colors, such as cyan, dark blue, light pink, red and purple, although we can find it with the black model. Thus, both male and female users with a choice of colors that offer the Microsoft, with this new easy to use also brings your fingertips.

Compact and wireless

Microsoft Wireless Mobile 1850 Review

The Wireless Mobile 1850 is a wireless and compact mouse. Nano USB receiver that you can connect the device to the computer, communicates via a 2.4 GHz wireless technology. The mouse with working range of up to 5 meters works with 1 pen battery. Pen pille operation is more advantageous than we are charged models. device that can be used for up to 6 months you insert a pencil batteries, do not consume energy when not in use so under a power key to keep. Again, a reservoir device for nano USB receiver that also included under the battery cover, so you can say does not give any clear sense of design.

Keyboard and Microsoft having years of experience in mice, a mouse more comfortable again at the signature. It fits into the palm of your mouse, of course, not by users accustomed to large-sized mouse. But according to those looking for a fully compact mouse. And yet another detail is that the mouse is designed to fit both hands. This is very important.


Microsoft Wireless Mobile 1850 Review

The Wireless Mobile 1850 also works nicely in addition to its compact structure. The device, which has 3 keys on it, brings another key with the scroll wheel in the middle of left and right click buttons.

The mouse, which is in good condition, showed good sensitivity on different grounds in our experiments. Apart from the table, we can also say that the mouse we use on glass and metal surfaces provides a good grip. So when you use this mouse, you will not need a mousepad.



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