If you want to enjoy your desired flavors in vaping community, here is how to make e-juice of your choice. It’s not a difficult task, and you will feel like you are making your favorite cookies. Here we go.


  • Diluted Nicotine
  • PG/VG (Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin)
  • Flavors
  • Small bottles to fill the e-liquid
  • Syringes
  • A pair of gloves


  • First, you should determine how strong nicotine you require in the electronic cigarette? If you want a strong e-cigarette, you need to prepare 50mL of 8mg/mL e-juice. So, multiply 50 by 8 to get 400mg of the required strength of nicotine. If you can’t find or your authorities don’t allow you to buy nicotine then simple order one from  and save money and energy both.
  • Now put on your gloves. Put the required quantity of nicotine in a bottle by using a syringe. You are going to prepare 8mg/mL e-juice.
  • Now add your desired flavor to the diluted nicotine to give it a favorable taste. You can add two or more flavors too. But make sure you are using only 10% of flavor dilution only. For example, if you want to prepare 50mL e-juice, you need only 5mL flavor dilution. You need to use a new syringe for this purpose. Just add the dilution into a clean syringe and drip it into the bottle where it will be mixed to nicotine.
  • Now it’s time to add the VG into the bottle. You need to put 29mLs vegetable glycerin into the jar. For this purpose, you need to use another clean syringe. You should be careful while pouring the VG into the bottle of diluted nicotine and flavors. Do not pour it as a whole. Pour 1/4th quantity and wait for a while. Then pour another 1/4th and wait for a couple of seconds again. In this way put the entire solution into the bottle.
  • Now you need to put the cap on the bottle neck and shake the mixture well to disperse it. You should shake it at least for five minutes for an evenly mixing.
  • Now it’s time to fill up your cylinders flavor into the tank and vape to enjoy its taste.

Precaution: You should be very careful while selecting the bottles to prepare e-liquid. Always choose the same sized and shaped bottles. Pour an equal quantity of diluted nicotine in all bottles. If you put all three things without measurement, it may not give you the required taste. So, the measurement is an important factor in preparing electronic cigarette juice.