Philips Izzy Multiroom Sound System Review

As a result, the Philips izzy Multiroom sound system is a product that will go into the top 10 when we say the multi room sound system like we said. The biggest reason for this is undoubtedly the ease of setting up. If you are looking for such a group of audio systems, you want to be compact and do not bother you with connection complexity, you can choose.

  • Installation and ease of use
  • design
  • Group function
  • Resistant to water splashes
  • Vocal sounds
  • Bass sounds
  • Delay time
  • Price performance

When it comes to musical performance, I have to say that there are a lot of products and alternative methods that need to be examined in the pot. Yes, you enjoy vocal sounds and instrumental music, but when you consider it as price / performance, it does not seem very satisfying.

So what are the prices of the devices in your possession? You can find BM5 at 699 TL and BM6 at 999 TL.

The Philips izzy Multiroom sound system is a convenient solution especially for multi-room use. If your search is in this direction, it may be at the beginning of your listener. But there are more successful models and options than voice. If your priority is sound quality, you can look at different models.

When we think of the multi-room sound system, we have examined the Philips izzy, which will be on the top 10.

If you are looking for a multi-room sound system and want to keep your alternatives wide, today’s Philips izzy Multiroom sound system will be one of the simplest examples. It’s entirely up to you to choose, whether it’s based on a confusing Wi-Fi setup process, an iszy sound system that does not require any application or software, or is available for singular or plural room use.

Philips’ izzy Multiroom sound system is quite crowded. But the product we will base on is the BM5 model. On the other hand, the BM5, which comes in a set for you to examine, contains the BM6W and BM6B mobile speakers. Each of these products can be used singly or in groups. We will talk about all of them, but first let’s talk about their designs.


Philips Izzy Multiroom Sound System Review

The BM5 model of the izzy Multiroom audio system is more centralized than other mobile speakers. Because you can connect other mobile speakers to it. (Of course you can also use them singularly.) Despite the wireless configuration of the BM6W and BM6B mobile speakers, the BM5 is powered by electricity. So you need to have an electrical outlet in place. But it does not need any other link.

The device, which is black in color, reflects the typical Philips line with its cubic structure and quality material, while the satellite speakers are accompanied by black and white color options. There is a voice wheel on the device; bottom, power, play / pause, Bluetooth and Group keys. On mobile speakers, the only difference is that the voice wheel is located on the volume keys. Also, let’s say you have 3.5 mm audio input on all 3 devices, and now let’s talk about how to use the devices.


Easy to use

Philips Izzy Multiroom Sound System Review

I have to talk about the sound performance of the izzy sound system singly, because each device is sold separately and can be used separately, but it is necessary to say clearly that they display a much better picture as a whole. The BM5 is the main headquarters in the game, and because it is the center of the system, the mobile speakers are leaving at this point. But in singular use, the boutique is performing to the extent that it meets the need for sound.

Mobile loudspeakers show up in vocal sounds and meet expectation at the point of mobile use. If you use them connected to the prize, the dual speakers will operate at 7.5W power, while if you use the piano you will get a total of 5W sound power. In our experiments, we can say that there is a serious audio quality difference between the two usage scenarios.

If you are looking for such an audio system in your home to use in separate rooms, then we recommend you to select all the recommended speakers as BM5. So you can get a more balanced sound even in single use. Ha, if you’re looking for a compact solution for a single room and you’re thinking about using the devices outdoors, mobile, you can also put BM6s next to the BM5.

In the meantime, let’s say that we do not like bass performance either singly or multiply, and the system generally does not expect it to start from scratch. But it does a good job in vocal sounds.

Usage and other features

The izzy sound system does a good job, especially since it does not require any application at the point of installation and use. You can connect your phone with one touch key and then manage it over the phone. But let’s say that we are facing a short lag in the functions like song change and volume up / down. If you want to change the song or reduce the volume, you may experience a delay of 3-4 seconds. This delay can of course occur at many points. For example, if you are watching a video clip, you are experiencing sync skew. It is also in the movie at the same time. That’s why this device will be a system that you will use for music entirely.

On the other hand, if you turn down the volume on the main speaker, you also need to manually change the volume of the other speakers. If you want to intervene at the same time, you need to be partial to the sound of the music source.

Finally, let’s say that the BM6 mobile speakers are water-resistant. These devices, which are IPX4 certified, can be easily used by the pool. Let’s also say that these mobile speakers are about 8 hours when they are used singly, and about 4 hours when they are used in groups.



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