Samsung Gear 360 (2018) Review

As a result, we can say that the new Gear 360, according to its predecessor, is creating the greatest esprising with its design difference and live broadcast feature. On the other hand, transmission and video conversion operations are easier than before. It also makes more sense with the price. The old model and the new model are currently on sale at the same price of 849 TL. At this point it would be more logical to go and get the new model, but again, you should not underestimate the difference in image quality compared to the predecessor model. Of course, on the other hand, we can say that Gear 360 is not the only device in the category, but it is the best solution for under $ 1000.

  • Color saturation
  • Enjoyable
  • design
  • Easy to use
  • Works with iOS
  • Live broadcast feature
  • Proper battery life
  • No internal memory
  • Limited Android compatibility
  • Sound quality

Those who want to make 360-degree video recordings and broadcast live on Facebook and Youtube can opt for Gear 360 (2017).

We reviewed the refurbished model of Samsung 360-degree camcorder Gear 360.

Samsung 360-degree camcorder Gear 360 has been a very interesting model with its year-old foot design and baseball-like camera. The 360 360-degree camcorder from LG and the Gear 360, which we evaluated with the Ricoh Theta S, were renewed this year and offered to users with new features. There are new features both as a design and an infrastructure, and there are also important points in software. What are they? Let’s start designing immediately.


Samsung Gear 360 (2018) Review

The Gear 360 is distinguished by its design in terms of design, compared to its predecessor. The camera, which is presented with a fixed handle with the foot design of the past year left behind, also comes in a more compact structure in terms of size. The recording button and the screen that we saw on the top side are also moved to the holding part of the device.

There are LEDs on the front and rear cameras showing which one is working. While the microSD card slot and the USB Type-C port are located on the handlebar, the menu / Bluetooth and power / back keys are placed between the camera’s cameras.

You can manage the device via the phone, just as with the previous model, with the help of the on-screen display and menu keys. You can navigate through settings in addition to photos, video, time lapse, video looping and HDR menus. But let’s say you need an SD card before you make any recordings with the phone. The device does not yet have internal storage.

Gear 360 (2017) does not have any water protection, let’s say it in the design step. So be careful not to drop the water while using the appliance. But in rainy weather, there is no harm, because Samsung is protected against water splashes with the IP53 standard.

Finally, let’s also give you the knowledge that you can pin Gear 360 on a tripod. Just below it is a nest for it. On the other hand, a hole was opened for the wrist strap. A carrying case is also provided in the camera case.

If we were to evaluate the upgraded model of the Gear 360 as comfort, we could say we are very satisfied. The device, which you can grasp easily with your hand, is light with a weight of 130 grams.

Infrastructure and battery life

Samsung Gear 360 (2018) Review

The Gear 360 has an 8.4 MP CMOS lens with front and rear cameras. With a f / 2.2 aperture, these lenses are capable of video recording at a resolution of 4096×2048 pixels and 24 frames per second. If you shoot using a single lens, you can record at a speed of 60 frames per second at 1920×1080 pixels.

There is 1 GB of RAM in the infrastructure of the device used in the tier operating system. Let’s also say that a battery of 1160 mAh capacity is used. Yes, the battery of the device is narrower than its predecessor due to its shrinking dimensions. You could also change the battery in the old model, which is fixed in the battery.

So how does the device’s battery life go? In our experiments, we watched a 360-degree video recording of 136 minutes at 4K in total, and the battery life was exhausted for 2.5 hours. This is actually not bad according to the falling capacity. While the new model uses 16 percent less capacity than its predecessor, it should be remembered that the previous model consumes 30/40 percent of the battery in half an hour.

If you are shooting longer with the Gear 360, you can do so with any portable charger. In this case you have the possibility to record longer times. Of course at this point you will also install microSD card capacity. You can install microSD cards up to 256 GB. Which means you can record for quite a long time.

But at this point it is also necessary to say. Although the device is capable of recording for long periods of time, the thermal conditions are of course important here. Especially when the temperature in the area is high, the Gear 360 can shut itself down after a while. It can take half an hour. However, there will be no problem at the beach, because the surrounding area is slightly windy enough to disperse the heat of the device.


Let’s come to Gear 360’s performance notes. The image quality of the device does not make a big difference compared to the predecessor model, let’s say this first. However, we found the new model more successful in terms of color accuracy and saturation. In both shots we used both cameras, we saw that the new camera recorded greener green and blue more blue.

Yes, the color saturation is nice, but is there a big difference compared to the predecessor model; obviously not. In this sense, we had a higher expectation in the new model. However, if we compare the camera with similar products in the category, we can say that it is separated by a more affordable price and image quality.

As far as sound is concerned, the new Gear 360 has gone back according to its predecessor. We also saw that the sound was better recorded on the old model in the same shootings we made with both cameras. In the meantime, let’s also point out that we made our experiments both open and closed. The predecessor model was more successful in both settings.

When you use the Gear 360’s dual camera, the recording resolutions you can make are 30 frames at 2880×1440 pixels, 60 frames at 2560×1280 pixels, and 120 frames at 1440×720 pixels. Again, as we have already said, the single lens can capture 60 frames at 1920×1080 pixels.

Compatibility and use

Gear 360 has a broad compatibility chart. However, only Samsung phones and iOS based devices are included here. The camera can run S7, S7 edge, Note 5, S6 edge +, 2017 models A5 and A7, mainly S8 and S8 +. On the iOS side, iPhone 7, 7+, 6S, 6S + and SE models can run.

Yes, it’s nice to have been given iOS support in Gear 360 (2017), but some problems did not crash. There are some important issues in the software section for now. Namely:

The biggest esprising of the new Gear 360, now with this camera you can live 360 degrees live on your Facebook and YouTube social channels. However, this feature is not available on the 2017 A7 phone when the live feature is included in the S8 + interface. Likewise, the same goes for iOS. So you need to own S8 and S8 + in order to take advantage of the live feature of the new Gear 360. We hope that Samsung will solve this with a software update and release this feature for each model that the camera is compatible with.

In the meantime, of course, you can also use the Gear 360 alone. You do not need any smartphones because you can use it as a digital camera with the key on the device and the screen. But in this case, you need Cyberlink’s Action Director software to convert the videos.

At this point, let us also explain what we have been through about this issue: We have seen that the software has not succeeded in the conversion process, even with Cyberlink. The company also checked it and explained that they realized that there was an old version of the software on their official internet sites. They also updated the software afterwards. So let’s say you have to use version 2.0 of the software installs so you can easily handle the transfer and conversion process.



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