Spotify competitor: YouTube Music now in Germany

Spotify competitor: YouTube Music now in Germany

The new streaming service YouTube Music is now also starting in Germany. It is available both as a subscription and for free with advertising. In addition, with YouTube Premium own productions in Germany are available for the first time.

YouTube wants to make Spotify competition – and Netflix and Co. the best at the same time. As of now, YouTube Music, YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium are available in Germany. The naming is admittedly a bit confusing – here you will find out what’s behind it.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is Google’s new music service. In the basic version it is free. With YouTube Music you can watch both pure audio formats, but also for example music videos or live performances. By combining audio and video formats, listening suggestions should be better tailored to the taste, location and activity of the listener. However, there is advertising in the free version.

YouTube Music Premium

If that bothers you, you can subscribe. That costs 9.99 euros a month. Then you can save the YouTube Music content offline, so for example create a playlist on the go. On the mobile phone, the music in Premium subscription continues even if the smartphone is currently locked or you use other apps. For 14.99 six users can share one access.

Google Play Music customers automatically subscribe to YouTube Music Premium. For a while, the two streaming services should exist simultaneously – but eventually merge.

YouTube Premium

The “big” YouTube subscription costs € 11.99 a month. Then all content on the video platform, not just YouTube Music, is ad-free and available for download. Plus, YouTube Premium gives you access to your own in-house productions. In autumn, YouTube also wants to present the first “Originals” from Germany – so far, only content from the US is available with German subtitles. Also YouTube Premium is available as a family offer for 17.99 euros a month and here, the playback continues when you leave the app.