Spotify takes controversial rapper from the lists – and plays him back after his death

Spotify takes controversial rapper from the lists - and plays him back after his death

The rapper XXXTentacion will be streamed back to the official playlists of Spotify after previous censorship – shortly after his death.

After a campaign against sexual abuse and violence, the streaming service Spotify has kicked musicians out of their official playlists. One of the out-of-playlist-musicians was the recently deceased US-American rapper XXXTentacion. The reason: There were allegations against him, he should have physically abused his pregnant girlfriend. But only one day after his death, Spotify has added XXXTentacion back to the playlists and even dedicated a sentence to him: “Rest In Peace, XXXTentacion” can be read in the lists of his songs. However, some fans complained to Spotify. Their reproach: the streaming service exploits the death of XXXTentacion.

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But even before there were rumors that Spotify retract the decision after US rapper Kendrick Lamar had allegedly threatened to leave the streaming service. A spot in Spotify’s lists is in demand – it can help musicians to attract new fans.

Spotify is silent about the reasons

At NEON’s request, Spotify premium did not want to comment on the change of mind. In general, the views of XXXTentacion’s music on Spotify have shot up significantly after his death. Currently he occupies the first seven places on the top charts of the streaming provider.

It’s not clear if Spotify’s playlists, in which XXXTentacion can now be found, have something to do with it.

The phenomenon is not surprising, however, as it often happens that the songs of musicians after their death played increased. For example, the day after the death of pop musician Avicii, many of his songs have also hit the charts. However, this has quickly disappeared in the following days.