The Tesla Driver Claimed That The Autopilot Was Trying To Kill Himself

A Tesla Model S driver wanted to revive the mortal Tesla accident that took place last week in a similar scenario. The driver, who lost the initiative, survived the last bump into the barriers.

The Tesla Driver Claimed That The Autopilot Was Trying To Kill Himself

During the past week, the US was hit by the Tesla Model X barriers on the highway in the California state of California, and the driver lost his life. As the Tesla on the accident and the National Transportation Security Board continued their investigation, another Tesla user wanted to conduct his own research. But it was almost in vain.

After the catastrophic accident, the necessary examinations were started and Tesla, who collected data from the vehicle, confirmed that the autopilot was in operation during the accident. In the statement made by the company, it was stated that the active pilot controls the vehicle to provide the nearest follow-up distance. However, 5-6 seconds before the accident, the driver sent both audio and visual warnings to the driver to steer the car, and the driver did not appear to have any intervention.

“Tesla is trying to kill the autopilot passengers.”

After the incident, a Tesla Model S user repeated the same scenario and wanted to see what might have happened at the time of the accident. Taking this experience into cameraman, the driver was almost at his disposal. The driver, who ignored the warning of the car like the one in the living accident, did not find any intervention in the steering. As a result, the brakes that you made last time you survived by hitting the barriers. This video “Tesla trying to kill autopilot passengers!” with the title.




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