This Year Nvidia Turing Next Year Nvidia Ampere Architecture

On Nvidia’s next-generation graphics cards, the roadmap is becoming more and more evident. This year we will see graphics cards based on the Turing architecture. The Ampere period starts next year.

This Year Nvidia Turing Next Year Nvidia Ampere Architecture

Nvidia has not yet given a clear date, disappointing GTC 2018 conference callers waiting for at least one new graphics card. When the sources point to summer months, the naming becomes evident.

What is Nvidia Turing?

The rumors circulating around Nvidia, one of the forerunners, brought Volta, Turing and Ampere architects together. After the assertions that the third one would come to the market in the same period, it was understood that the matter was very different.

Nvidia Volta is the new architecture of the company’s 12nm process, and for the time being, it was marketed only for server systems and professional use. We do not see this architecture on the player side yet.

Turing is expected to buy the GTX 1100 this year, and the new series will give life to it and claim it. However, it is unclear which architecture Turing is based on. Some experts are talking about an improved Pascal architecture, because AMD is also working on an improved Polaris architecture.

If we look at the name of Ampere, the sources indicate the earliest next year and think that the original Volta architecture will be presented to the players under Ampere. This architecture will give life to the GTX 2000 series.

Actually, the claims are not really far away, because Nvidia’s artificial intelligence in the Volta architecture and HBM 2 memory features seem to be unnecessary on the player side. Both companies are not expected to create a new architecture because the graphics market is already well on its way.

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