Toto Link CP300 Review

If you have your own garden and want to have a spacious internet access here, then the Toto Link CP300 will help you. Of course, this device can also be used by businesses such as restaurants and cafes. Outside space will be sufficient for internet access. However, in this product category, of course, there are also different examples; you can also examine them.

  • Performance
  • Water resistant design
  • Easy setup
  • No double band support

Kimler Alm

Owners of the garden or businesses such as restaurants and cafes may prefer the Toto Link CP300 for outdoor internet access.

We have reviewed the Toto Link CP300, an important internet tool for homes and businesses that have large gardens.

Yes, in homes and offices, we are somewhat able to expand the internet to other rooms and extend the range. So how do we achieve it in our home or workplace, which has a large garden?

In such a scenario, a device in your possession will work. The CP300 model of the Toto Link brand, this access point serves as a Wireless Internet Service Provider specially designed for long distance wireless transmission.


Toto Link CP300 Review

Well, how does this device get installed? I’ll tell you now:

The device has a PoE injector in the box. This PoE injector means Power over Enterhet. In other words, you can supply the device with the required energy through the Ethernet port via this adapter.

After placing the Toto Link CP300 outside your home, this PoE comes to the syringe and you connect it first with the power adapter in the box. Then you need to find a length of Ethernet cable that can be taken from the injector to the distance you have connected the router. An Ethernet cable comes out of the box, of course; but this is probably not enough. You connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the router’s power input port and the other end to the PoE port of the injector; that is all.

Ideal for outdoor areas

Toto Link CP300 Review

With its built-in two high-gain antennas and advanced radio architecture, wireless connectivity can broaden the scope of radio signaling.

The device transmits at 2.4 GHz and can transfer data up to 300 Mbps. This data is sufficient for open spaces. If we think that a large number of devices will be connected to the same site in large areas such as a garden, it will suffice. Unfortunately, 5 GHz band support is not included in this device. Among the standards of the device is 802.11 b / g / n. It is a pity that AC support is not available.

Resistant to rain

Of course, this device will have to be placed outside the building and on the roof because it is an access point to the outside area. This means that the device will be suitable for outdoor weather conditions. Toto Link CP300, which is resistant to rain, will work without any trouble outside the house. Of course, the device is designed to withstand lightning and toad as well as this.

The Toto Link CP300 has a 4 stage LED signal on it. So when you set up the device, you get feedback. On the other hand, the device also provides WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK security support with 64/128 bit WEP encryption at the security point, and it can provide internet access to many users with its repeater mode.



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