TP-Link NC450 Review

The TP-Link NC450 is a good cloud camera. Those who want to take additional safety precautions for their home or room, as well as those who want to constantly consider their child, can easily choose. We can also say that you will be pleased with the quality of the image, day and night. Installation and use is also simple.

  • Easy to install & use
  • Image quality
  • Application
  • Network options
  • Motion & sound detection
  • Video quality options
  • Motion detection accuracy

You can find TP-Link NC450 at the price of 497 TL on the market.

If you are looking for a good security camera with easy installation and use, the TP-Link NC450 will be ideal for you.

We took a look at the NC450, a cloud camera capable of night vision and 360 degree recording.

We have already examined TP-Link’s cloud cameras. A new model has now joined the cloud camera models, which we had previously examined in the NC220 and NC250 models. The NC450 model at hand is a feature that sets us apart from other models that use many features in common. The device acts as a top camera that can rotate 360 degrees horizontally, 150 degrees vertically, thus providing a different touch to the fixed structure of the predecessor models.

The device, which is quite simple to install and use, is still being used by the application named tpCamera as it was in previous models. We’re going to talk about it all the way through. Let’s start with the design as usual.


TP-Link NC450 Review

The TP-Link NC450 has a very compact and stylish design. With its small size, rounded lines and white shiny piano color, you can comfortably position it on every corner of your home.

The NC450 has a built-in speaker on both sides of its central camera, an antenna port for Wi-Fi on the back, an Ethernet port for the local network, and a microSD card slot for power input and storage. As a microSD card you can use capacities up to 32 GB. You can also find Wi-Fi antenna and Ethernet cable in the box. In addition, the foot is also located in the box so you can mount the device on the ceiling.

When we look at the front, we see an LED light on the tp-link logos. This LED light gives you information when you set up the device. If you connect the device to my mode via the Ethernet port, this LED light turns green when the connection is established.

Of course, you can still connect your device to your network via Wi-Fi. You use the WPS button on the back of the device for this.

Installation and use

TP-Link NC450 Review

Installation of the NC450 is also simple to use. First you need to connect the device to the mod. After this process, tpCamera application which can be downloaded to iOS and Android operating systems, you need to set up your mobile phone. Once you complete the account creation process, you are already seeing and connecting to the NC450 on the application.

At the beginning of the review we mentioned that the camera could turn 360 degrees. Yes, you can move the camera through the application. In practice, you can rotate the screen from right to left or up to down from 150 to 360 degrees by touching the screen.

The lens, which already has a 75 degree viewing angle, has a f / 2.8 aperture. The camera, which offers night vision, can automatically switch to infrared (low light) mode. So you do not have to manually adjust it in the air. At night you can offer up to 26 meters of field of view.


The device does a really good job. The NC450, capable of recording 720p HD video, clearly gave both day and night performance. For this, the device powered by the CMOS sensor also has 8 infrared LEDs around the lens for night shots.

The device that transmits your video image to your phone clearly also allows you to set the video quality to high and low on the interface, but no additional options are available to adjust the image quality. On the other hand, you can not adjust the motion detection sensitivity again.

Of course, let’s say that the device also transmits the sound. There is a built-in microphone on the device.

One of the important features of the NC450 is that you are notified. When the device detects motion or sound, instant notification and e-mail can be forwarded.

Let’s not say this: Of course you can connect remotely to the device. So you do not have to be in the same network as the province. That way, at home, on the street or on vacation, you can always follow your home phone.



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