Türk Telekom K8 (2017) Review

As a result, Türk Telekom K8 (2017) is not a very bright phone model. Submission to Turk Telekom subscribers in the entry segment and with appropriate payment terms may make it attractive. However, there are many alternatives in the category. It also includes the global version. In that sense, you can choose this phone because of the reasonable price, but we also recommend you to evaluate the same price range models.

  • 2.5D screen
  • Thin design
  • IPS screen
  • Reasonable price
  • FM radio
  • No notification light
  • Android 6.0
  • The alternative is very

Turk Telekom subscribers may prefer Türk Telekom K8 (2017), who wish to have an affordable smartphone with appropriate payment terms.

Turk Telekom is on stage again with the 2017 review of the K8 mobile phone. Let’s see how the phone is?

Last year, with the K8 model, Türk Telekom, which offers a smartphone that draws attention with its users in the entry segment and at an affordable price, is once again on the shelves with the 2017 revision of the model. Of course, there are some differences in design and technical staff in K8 (2017). But there are also things that do not change; we will also talk about them.

Before passing, let me remind you again that the phone in your possession with Turk Telekom and LG co-operation is just like last year. The phone is modeled as the LG X240, and you can still find it on the shelf with the LG brand. There are differences between the two phones; we will talk about them again in our next steps.

Let’s say that if the price comes, you can have your phone at around 700 TL. However, you can buy with attractive payment terms via Turk Telekom. Again, you can choose LG, the global version of your phone.


Türk Telekom K8 (2017) Review

The design of Türk Telekom K8 has changed a bit according to the salaf fashion. However, the back cover is made of a plastic material with a serrated texture just like last year. The phone, which can be found with gold and navy colors, has reached us with the navy blue color model.

The apartment, which is immediately noticeable on the back of the phone, is not a fingerprint sensor as you might think; this key functions only as a power button. We can see the rear camera and LED flash on it.

In the saloon model, the voice buttons in this area were moved to the left side of the phone this time. The keys are placed on the edge of the thin frame.

We also see LG logos in the middle and Turk Telekom logos in the bottom. Only the LG logo is used on the front of the phone.

The phone weighs 144 grams, 8 mm thick, but it does not show much. The reason for this is that the phone has a slim profile, as it has a curved structure called the 2.5D in the body and the screen to the edges.

You can open the back cover of Türk Telekom K8 again. It’s also possible to change the battery. Under the battery, a microSD and nano SIM card socket is provided. At the bottom you can see the speaker output.

As soon as we mention the contents of the phone box, we are offered a charger and an additional headphone at 0.85 amps. Headphones look pretty simple, but they are better than never.

Display and operating system

Türk Telekom K8 (2017) Review

Turk Telekom K8 (2017) has a screen of 5.0 inches. The phone, which retains the same size and resolution as the predecessor model, gives us an HD resolution of 720×1280 pixels with an IPS LCD panel. The screen-to-body ratio is 66 percent. Let’s also say that the screen is protected with Gorilla Glass 3.

At 293 ppi pixel density, we can say that the screen is good for the category it is. In a similar level to color accuracy and white balance competitors. In this sense, we can say that you will be satisfied.

The operating system on the phone is just like the last model, and Android 6.0. In the global version of the phone, we see the Android 7.0 operating system. Because with the global version of the phone, different chipsets are used in the version you have. While this phone has a MediaTek processor, Qualcomm is available globally. We will talk shortly after the technical staff of the phone.

The answer to the question of whether this phone is an Android 7.0 update for the operating system remains, to be sure, unclear. If you want the current operating system, you can choose the global version.

The phone interface is very simple. An interface with menus is offered to us. The important detail that draws attention in the interface is special applications to Türk Telekom. On the phone, Tivibu Sports, Wirofon and Turk Telekom Music applications are already available to users. Another important detail: The phone also features an FM radio.

Technical staff and performance

Türk Telekom K8 (2017) said that it is in the entrance segment. Of course, there is a technical staff on the phone to address this segment’s need. The phone with the MediaTek processor is powered by the MT6737 chip. The phone, running at 1.2 GHz with a quad core processor, also has 1.5 GB of RAM and a Mali-T720 graphics unit. We see 16 GB internal space as a storage unit. If you remember this area was 8 GB on the predecessor model. In that sense, we can say that there has been a change in place. Of course, you can still expand this field to 32 GB with the microSD card.

Of course, in this technical staff, it is necessary to say that the performance of the phone is not very high. Let’s say that it’s close to the phones in the entrance segment. But with 2 GB of RAM in their competitors, the 1.5 GB capacity in our model, we can say the missing side of this phone. On the other hand, the availability of the Snapdragon 425 processor in the global version is obviously a factor that makes this phone harder.

When you look at the game side of the phone, the games you can play with this phone will be simple based games. You can play Angry Birds and Subway Surf genre games easily. However, if you install a PES 2017 or Real Racing 3, you will not get much taste.

If the performance is reflected in the operating system, ie the point of use of the phone in general, it is not a problem. Unless you leave a lot of applications open at the back, you can use it comfortably. On the other hand, the call quality of the phone is also very good.

802.11n standard Wi-Fi phone, GPS and hotspot feature available. Let’s also say that you can also benefit from 4.5G connection. Bluetooth 4.2 is also on the phone.

Let’s also talk about the synthetic test results we got before closing this step. The phone that scored 29053 points on the AnTuTu Benchmark test, collects 577 points on a single core and 1507 on a multi-core at Geekbench. Also, CPU Prime has 5409 points.

Camera and battery life

When we look at the cameras of Türk Telekom K8 (2017), we see that the rear camera has been revised compared to the seat. The main camera comes out as 13 MP. Featuring an aperture of f / 2.2, the camera comes with autofocus, touch focus, face detection and panorama.

The main camera, which offers 30 fps 1080p video quality, can focus relatively quickly. You can catch good shots in daylight, but when light conditions drop, grenades start to show up. Of course there is LED flash, but there is a lot of expectation.

The front camera is located at 5.0 MP. Let’s say we do not like the front camera very much. The selfie pulls in the color and detail loss bumps in the photographs. However, the opening speed of the camera is quite good, you have to specify it.

The camera interface is quite simple. It is far from any customization. A nice detail on the front camera is the presence of a virtual flash.

Finally, let me talk about the battery. The K8 comes with a 2500 mAh battery. With this capacity, you can find the evening in the scenario where you do not overdo the phone. However, if you play games, watch videos and use the camera frequently, you will have to charge them day after day. If you want to charge the phone at full capacity again, you can find it for around 2 hours.



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