You Can Do Extensive Personal Data Transfer With Huawei Phone Clone

If you bought a new Huawei phone, you can use the company’s own solution to carry the personal data of your old phone. Huawei Phone Clone was developed for this.

Personal Data Transfer With Huawei

For some time it was difficult to transfer data from one device to another in the iOS ecosystem, and it was usually done by connecting to a computer. Now with application support and WiFi networks, you can wirelessly transfer data between phones.

What does Huawei Phone Clone offer?

Huawei’s Phone Clone application is one of them. With your new Huawei phone you can transfer all of your old phone with Phone Clone. With the application, photos, videos, contacts, call records, voice & music, documents and applications can be moved.

Whether it’s an iPhone or a different Android phone, the application that uses WiFi is easy to navigate. The weight is for Huawei phones, but the application also works on other devices.



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