Web Backdoor Compilation

Web Backdoor Compilation (wbc) DK (http://michaeldaw.org) Changelog Date Change 24 Apr 07 Anti-Virus Capabilities (Work done by Dancho Danchev) 14 Apr 07 Version 1b (pre 1.2 release): perlcmd.cgi, cfexec.cfm, cmdasp.aspx Dec/06 Version 1 release. I have collected some WEB backdoors in the past to exploit vulnerable file upload facilities and others. I think a library […]


WordPress Securify Plugin WordPress Securify (WPSec) is a security plugin for WordPress. Every hour the tests specified within WPSec will be executed. A count of “warnings” is displayed in the top right of the WordPress Admin panel. WordPress Securify ShellScript This project has been split into two parts. The first was a chunky shell script […]

ASP Auditor v2 BETA

ASP auditor v2 BETA Author david.kierznowski_at_gmail.com http://michaeldaw.org purpose: Look for common misconfigurations and information leaks in ASP.NET applications. # Changelog: # –v2.2– 20/Apr/07 # * Added additional support for Anti-XSS Validation detection. # * Added ASP Source Directory Leak Check # * Added Apr/07 ASP.NET Validation Bypass Check # # –v2.1– 25/Sep/06 # * GET […]