How to Factory Reset Windows 10

Factory Reset feature in Windows 10 is of great value if your Windows is behaving strangely. Your system may be running slower, or you are facing crashes or unusual behaviour of the system.

There may be bugs in your system. To fix the errors, you need to remove the recently installed programs. You also need to run an antivirus scan to check for the malicious bugs. Well! It is a time-consuming process. So, instead of all these, just use Factory Reset feature to bring your Windows in working condition again.

Factory Reset removes all of the recently installed apps and tools. It also removes the files, images, videos and everything that is causing an error in your PC. Here is how to use Factory Reset tool in Windows 10.

Type “Reset” in Cortana Search bar. It will show you “Reset this PC” in the search results. Select it to go ahead.
Here, you will see “Reset this PC” in Recovery tab. Select “Get Started” tab on it.
Get Started Tab
Now you will see “Choose an Option” window where you will find two options. If you want a surface cleaning of the system, just use “Keep my files” option from here.

Such as, it will remove your tools and programs, but does not affect the settings. It will also remove the downloaded programs (whether downloaded from Windows Store or any other online source). In a nutshell, it refreshes the system within a few minutes and gives you a fresh and smooth system.

If you want a deep cleaning, select “Remove everything” from this page. It removes not only the downloaded programs but also deletes the settings and all documents on your system.

It is indeed the best choice if your PC is running slower or it is stuck. To cut a long story short, it provides you with a system as you get after a clean installation.
Options to Factory Reset
It depends on your choice what you select. So, make a choice to proceed, and that’s all.

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