15 Best Kodi Addons Working In 2017

Since June 5th, Kodi Krypton has gone through some serious tweaks and a lot of addons have shut down including some repositories.

The Kodi fanatics have also been stunned when the some of its libraries, including Fusion TVAddons have all of the sudden gone offline.

Obviously, the law enforcement authorities have sacked these third-party tools and users aren’t happy.

Nothing to worry…We have you backed with these Kodi Addons Working in 2017 and here some of these for unlimited video streaming and music listening.

Kodi Addons Working In 2017

These are some of the best Kodi Add-ons that allow streaming unlimited movies, TV shows, live sports, media content and documentaries.

IMPORTANT: Before we start, I would highly recommend my readers to use a VPN whenever using Kodi. You may receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, TV shows and sports through addons as many others have received. The best VPN service that I prefer is IPVanish.

1: Exodus

Exodus is undoubtedly the best video streaming add-on with the most updated libraries of movies. When I heard of the shutdown of Kodi add-ons, I immediately checked on Exodus, and luckily it was safe.


Exodus allows you to easily search for your favorite movies, TV shows and radio stations. You can also filter them by the year, genre, top rated and most watched.

2: Specto

Specto is another survivor of the recent destructive update and it is nearly the same as Exodus. The features are same however it uses different sources for pulling out videos and favorite TV shows.

Best of all Specto is hosted on FilmKodi and not on TV Addons. Just in case Exodus ever goes down, you can switch to Specto.


SALTS is a great Fusion repository add-on and is also known as Stream All The Sources. It gives you access to latest movies and TV shows to stream online directly from Kodi. It has an up-to-date library which has popular movies and TV shows.


What it like the most about this add-on is its user-friendly interface which is far better and easily accessible. You don’t have to go through tons of steps before you can finally watch your favorite TV show or movies. Just click, scroll through the list, tap on the movie you want to watch, select a server and that’s it.

4: Genesis Reborn

I recently published a very detailed post on Installing Genesis Reborn on Kodi and perhaps it is one of the top notch performing add-on for streaming unlimited media.

Genesis Reborn

Nowadays, you access it via the Jesus Box Media and is available to download directly from Jesus Box repository. Not to mention that it has the best and rich content available on the latest TV shows, movies, radio stations and much more. The only thing you have to fuss with is its installation and I’ve explained it all in my easy-to-follow post.

5: Pro Sport

As the name suggests, Pro Sport is the best and the only addon available for Kodi Krypton where you can stream NBA finals, watch your favorite sports you’ve missed and even scan Reddit fir streaming of live games.

Pro Sport

Though Phoenix is also an option but it has some flaws which were disliked by a lot of users. Pro Sport is better and faster add-on for streaming sports links. You can grab Reddit sports feed via Pro Sport. All you need to do is click on the relevant [my subreddits] folder.

Some popular subreddits for sports streams include:

  • /r/soccerstreams.
  • /r/NCAABBallStreams.
  • /r/nbastreams.
  • /r/nhlstreams.
  • /r/nflstreams.

6: BOB Unrestricted

This add-on went temporarily down due to high traffic, mainly because a lot of other add-ons were being shut down. In fact, it’s the perfect and possibly the best alternative URL to the Noobs and Nerds repository.

BOB Unrestricted

It offers a wide range of content that includes streaming to TV shows, music, sports and movies. All you need is a one-click of the mouse button to play what you like.

7: Quasar

Quasar is the best add-on to unlock unlimited movies and shows via the popular torrent websites. This add-on uses P2P protocol for streaming content on Kodi.


Though it doesn’t directly use torrent website, instead, different providers for pulling out the entertainment content. You can stream various movies and shows via Quasar.

8: 1Channel PrimeWire

Ever since the fusion repository has been sacked, the 1Channel PrimeWire add-on has been shifted on the Simply Caz Repository and it’s an amazing add-on for streaming movies and TV shows from list of different sources.

1Channel PrimeWire

It’s in fact the only add-on that can be closely related to Exodus. It has some cool themes and icons and a huge playlist of never ending movies, arranged by director, genre, mood and actor. You can also sort out movies based on emotional feelings or events.

9: 123Movies

The 123Movies add-on lets you choose movies based on their preference like the Most Viewed, Recent, Most Favorite and ‘Search Folder’. Not only that, you can also pull out both the new and old movies that you love.


This add-on is available on the popular Mucky Duck Repo and is pretty easy to install.

10: Watch5s

Even though it came pretty late and stayed alive during the recent update, it still gained a lot of attention among the Kodi users because of its latest Hollywood blockbuster collection in its media library.


This add-on quickly searches movies by genre and alphabets. Just a single click of mouse and you are on track to stream your favorite movies.

11: F.U.B.A.R


Another impeccable add-on from Mucky Duck Repo that unlocks hours of entertainment for you and your family. What I love the most is its Panda Section where you can find a huge list of family movies along with Bollywood ones.

12: SportsDevil

The SportsDevil add-on is found inside Fusion Repository and since it has been shut down, it can be found on the Simple Caz Repository. It’s also the leading add-on for streaming your favorite sports channels like cricket, tennis, football, racing, cycling and much more.


However, it is more popular among the football and cricket fans and out of many live platforms, some of the channels it offers include SkySports, FoxSports, BT Sports, ESPN 1 & 2, NBCSN, Box Nation, Racing UK, Sony Six & Set Max and Star Sports and much more.

13: WWE on Demand

Never miss your favorite wrestling matches again and benefit from WWE on demand add-on. You can live stream Royal Rumble and WrestleMania and keep yourself thrilled with the World Wrestling Entertainment 24/7.

WWE on Demand

Needless to say that it is very easy to stream the old matches as well, simply by accessing its archive section.

14: AceStream


The AceStream can be found on Adryan List Repo because it has been removed from the Fusion repository. It basically functions on BitTorrent protocol and even runs via its own media player. Also, to run this addon on Kodi, you will need Plexus which is a program that helps run streams from AceStream onto Kodi.

15: MP3 Streams

And last but not the least is the MP3 Streams and it used to be on the Metal Kettle Repository, however; that repository had some problems due to which it is now found on Super Repo.

MP3 Streams

It’s perhaps one of the most loved music addons by Kodi users. You can stream mp3 music and it even has categories within it. In simple, you can sort by artists, new albums, top albums, billboard top 100 and instant mix favorites.

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