How to Change Language in Windows 10

On a single user PC, it is cool to set your native language. But on a multiuser computer, the language becomes a great issue.

Specifically, their are multi-lingual users. In such conditions, you have two options.

Either to set an international language on the system or use different languages on different users’ accounts. It is a particularly advantageous feature when you are working in a multinational firm where is the mixed nations’ atmosphere.

Moreover, If you have imported a system that has been shipped from another country with a default language that is unknown to you.

Here is how to change a language in Windows 10.
Precaution: You cannot modify the language if you are not logged into the Administrative account. So, log into the Admin account to make these changes in the system.

Now Start following the steps below.

Click the “Start” button and select “Settings” from its menu.

Choose “Time & Language” from Settings menu.

In the left pane, select “Region & Language” to view its content. Now select “Add a Language” from the “Languages” category.

Add New Language
You will be directed towards the languages page where you can choose a language you can add to your system.
Choose a language
After you have made a selection, wait for a while. The system is downloading and installing your desired language. You will see a new language to the languages options as shown in the image below.
New Language Added
You have successfully installed the language. Now, you need to set it as your default language. Follow the steps below to do so.

Click the language you have downloaded and installed. It will show different options below. Select “Set as default” from here.

Now it is your default language.
Set New Language As a Default
Enable location under the “Country/Region” settings. Windows 10 will provide you with the local content by enabling this option.

Now, right-click the “Start” button and select “Control Panel” from there.

Here, select “Language” category to move ahead.

Here, in the right pane, click your desired language. Come to the left pane and select “Advanced Settings” from here.

On the next page, you need to select the option “Apply Language Settings to the Welcome screen, system accounts, and new user accounts” as shown in the image below.

Apply Language Settings to Entire System
Click “Administrative” tab and select “Copy Settings” from here.

Here, you need to check two check boxes given at the bottom “Welcome screen and system accounts”, and the other one is “New user accounts.” Select “OK” to save your preferences.

Check Welcome Screen Option
Reboot the system to apply your desired language to Windows 10 and enjoy using it.

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