How to Enter BIOS Windows 10

If you intend to configure within the Windows 10, there are various methods for it. When we are talking about BIOS, it means we are discussing the program that is built-in to your system’s motherboard.

BIOS software basically controls each and everything related to the boot function.

It is an evident fact that it being a pre-boot environment, that is impossible for you to enter it by using the Graphic User Interface.

You need to come into it when the Windows starts the booting process. In Windows XP or 7, when the booting was a slower process, it was an easy task to enter BIOS. But in Windows 8 or 10, it has become a bit difficult as it boots up faster.

Here is how to enter BIOS in Windows 10 by using Settings menu and Command Prompt Admin.

Enter BIOS by Using Settings

Go to the “Start” button and select “Settings” from its menu.
In the list of categories, there will be “Update & Security” feature. Click this feature to move ahead.
Update & Security in Settings
Here, in the left pane, you will see the feature “Recovery.” Select it to view its content in the right pane. Now Choose “Restart now” option under Advanced Startup.
Recovery Menu
(If you reboot the system by using the Power option in the Start menu, the PC will not start with a special menu. Now you are going to use a particular menu once the system reboots.

  • When it reboots, select “Troubleshoot” from the options appearing on the screen.
  • In the Troubleshoot menu, select “Advanced options” feature.
  • Here, in the next window, select “UEFI Firmware Settings.”
  • When the “UEFI Firmware Settings window appears, you need to select “Restart” to change the settings.

That’s all guys. When the system reboots, it will show you the BIOS of Windows 10. You can modify the settings according to your preferences.

Enter BIOS by Using Command Prompt (Admin)
You can enter BIOS by using the Command Prompt (Admin) too. It is a direct method, and you do not need to go through many options in it.

Here is how to use it.

Right-click the Start button and click “Command Prompt (Admin)” from the WinX menu.
In Command Prompt window, type “shutdown.exe /r /o” and press Enter. (Type command without commas)

shutdown.exe /r /o command

Now the system will restart. See the on-screen instructions to Enter BIOS.

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