How to Print Screen on Windows 10

Print screen is one of the most useful functions in every Windows. While working on a system, if you encounter an error, just take a screenshot of the error page and send it to the relevant person.

It becomes easy for him to understand the nature of the error while looking at the screenshot. In previous versions of Windows, it was quite easy for a user to take a screenshot.

A new user of Windows 10 may find it difficult to take a screenshot because it is quite a new version of Windows with greater apps and functions.

Here, you will find different ways to Print Screen in Windows 10. I am not sure which one works for you depending on the edition of Windows 10 you are using.

For the PC Users
If you are using the PC and not using a laptop, you need to follow the shortcuts below to Print Screen.

To Capture the Entire Screen
Observe the keyboard. You will find “Prnt Scrn” key on it. Just press this key to capture the entire screen and copy it to the “Paint” program.

You can also use “Ctrl + Prnt Scrn” combination of keys to capture the screen and save it automatically to the Clipboard.

Open a Picture editing program like “Paint” and paste in it. Assign a name to this image and save it.
Without Using a Picture Editing Program

Without Using Picture Editing Tool
If you want to take and save a screenshot automatically to the Hard Drive without using an image editing tool, just follow the method below.

Press “Windows + Prnt Scrn” combination of keys to take and save the screenshot direct to the hard drive. You do not need to paste it in the image editing program.

After using this method, when you go to the “Documents” folder, you will find the “Screenshots” there. It will save as “Screenshot(1), Screenshot(2)” etc.
Without Using Image Editor
For Laptop Users
If you are using Windows 10 on a laptop, observe the keyboard. You will find “Fn” key next to the “Windows” key. If you have this key on the keyboard, it works like a lock to the Prnt Scrn key.

So, the “Prnt Scrn” key will not function without using the “Fn” key. Use the following methods to Print Screen on a laptop with Windows 10.

Capture the Whole Screen
Press “Fn + Prnt Scrn” keys to capturing the entire screen. Open the Paint or any other image editing program and paste it there. You can save it by assigning a name. It works same like “Prnt Scrn” key works for the PC Users.

Without Using an Image Editor Program
If you want to Print Screen without using an image editor like Paint, you need to follow the instructions below.
Use the “Fn + Windows + Prnt Scrn” combination of keys at the same time to capture the entire screen.

You do not need to paste it somewhere manually. This screenshot is saved automatically on the hard drive. If you open the “Documents” folder, you will get it there.

Print only the Active Screen
Suppose, you have opened different programs at the same time and you want to capture the screen of active window only. For this purpose, you need to use the following method.

Press “Fn + Alt + Prnt Scrn” to capture the active Window only. You do not need to crop or edit the useless areas of other windows now.

Just use this command and paste the screenshot into an image editing program and that’s it. It does not waste your time.

Snipping Tool
Confused about using the above-discussed techniques? Well! No issues. You can use the built-in program to print screen in Windows 10.

It is known as “Snipping Tool.” This tool works for all Windows 10 users. It does not make any difference whether you are using Windows 10 on a PC or a Laptop. Go ahead.

Go to the “Cortana” search bar and type “Snipping” in it. You will see the “Snipping Tool” in the search results. Select it from there.

As it opens, you will see the “New” option on it. Go to the Window you want to capture and click “New” from the Snipping Tool. It will fade the active window. You need to crop the required area by using the mouse cursor.
Snipping Tool
Once you have done, just paste it to your desired image editor software and save it by assigning it a name.
Screenshot in Snipping ToolThat’s all buddies! Try the above-discussed methods to Print Screen in Windows 10. Some of them will of course work in previous versions of Windows.

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