Georgi Guninski Retires

Georgi Guninski sent an email to Full Disclosure today, claiming that he will be retiring from the public security scene.

Pre-meditating the question of why, he writes, if one needs to ask for a reason: got old, got somewhat tired.

Georgi has made excellent contributions to the security community for some time now. He has released loads of exploits and his work is quoted in dozens of hacking and security books.

The email ended giving advice to future hackers something in his final words got me thinking:

*) fame is worthless. he wrote.

We all know how many hours we sit in front of our computers, coding, researching and studying. It is a passion and a love. Georgis and many others research, have helped secure systems across the globe. How have these men been honoured for their work? I dont see a noble prize of 10 years of security contributions, and I truly believe there should be one.

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